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SKELETON SPAWNER! – Clash of Clans – Low Trophy Trolling!

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  1. lol. you big bully

  2. use a replay with CQOTD so u can properly answer it

  3. How did you get that much gems

  4. Sweet video!!!

  5. when I heard the the nurat form the fire ass clan I'm died xD

  6. CQOTD: Do You Think In Clash Royale, You lose too much trophies when you lose?

  7. coc should have the musketeer

  8. It's probobly because the skeletons don't have a set amount of housing space so they keep on coming. I wonder if it's the same for lava pups………..

  9. guys please share this comment so Mystic 7 can not see this comment so he could make a clan on Clash Royal clan for his fans

  10. What's your fav Clash Royal troop and your fav COC troup

  11. guys please share this comment Mystic 7 so he

  12. CQOTD:Do you think there should be more updates to Clash of clans or Clash royale?I think it should be Clash of clans

  13. CQOTD: Do you think Supercell should add a clone and/or Skeleton Spell to Clash Royale? P.S I freaking love you Wite!

  14. CQOTD WHAT's the dumbest thing you've ever done?

  15. I think the zap would be better as a trap

  16. CQOTD: Do you think it would be OP if you could use the clone spells on heroes?

  17. Everything is from the newest update is from clash royals the miners, baby dragon and the skeleton spell is like the skeleton army the clone spell is like the mirror card

  18. CQOTD do you think clash of clans will add an extra level to the army camps? Such as level 9 or mabey even level 10??

  19. I graduated today!! WOOOO!

  20. sub to me plz

  21. Thy the bollers

  22. CQOTD: What do you think is the most efficient farming army?

  23. CQOFD: Do you think there should be other versions of mini troops, like mini miners, mini hog riders, etc like the mini pekka

  24. CQOTD : When are you upgrading your Grand Warden?

  25. CQOTD: Do you have any trophy pushing tips on royale and coc?