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  1. Btw, when the hell did Galadon get so good?

  2. It's fine to steel anyone's mass but galys

  3. Dude, thats honestly not cheating, no need to parental control this…….

  4. Say it with me kids:
    PARANOIA!!!! Lol jk

  5. I'm sure he took other people's food

  6. Holy shit guys chill, the whole thing is a joke! Listen to the end of the video, he says at the end he trys to keep himself entertained with things like that since the game is so simple. There's not a whole lot to commentate in Maybe if it was in Peter's voice people would understand it better -_-

    Edit: I hoped by the time he started saying 'people who were just thinking about stealing mass deserved death', that everyone would get it.. funny or not.

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    BTW keep this comment at an even amount of likes

  8. Im not saying a do this strategy, but its just a playing style in slither, and you can never always get all the mass from a kill. Sometimes this strategy is also very effective, for example when having lots of mass and not wanting to risk losing it…

  9. bruh

  10. or

  11. bro

  12. Darn, I thought people were clamping down on mod users and especially bot users until I watched the video.

  13. your pretty good at this game. and in soooo addicted to it

  14. hey galadon thanks you for uptdate clash of clans les mebre de SUPERCELL vous taffer bien merci encore les grosse mise a jours meme si tu parle anglais

  15. i think there should be a feature where if you kill a snake, only you can eat what the other snake drops for five seconds… after 5 seconds anyone can eat it

  16. 2 of the 4 were bots at the end

  17. "Size doesn't matter"
    -Galadon 2016

  18. Haha

  19. 02:11 you stole his work and than you saying don't steal ?

  20. Tem Br aqui ou não tem???

  21. I disagree with you, even if a player kills someone else you shouldn't have to get it all, other people should also have the chance to get it too. (Love your videos)

  22. The only fact I don't u and a half few years ago when he said was is a great very rgood and I don't think have know how I much to ask you for me I and others who

  23. It is really annoying!?❌

  24. Haha lol

  25. It would be funny if it was in the peter17$ accent

  26. did galadon just say "size doesn't matter"

  27. slither is great

  28. Wow He said "you buy them books you buy them books but they never learn" ???

  29. slither io is about savage people so stealing is ok

  30. 2:10 GALADON… you cheater. Can't believe you picked up that red mass that belonged to someone else. What a cheater. A bit hypocritical if I do say so myself :/

  31. awesome video Bro

  32. How long did that take?! :D

  33. Is it that big of a deal?

  34. saving players how about you play

  35. 4k 8is my most. I got so awesomes.

  36. where was the cheating in that?

  37. Gala don is my grandpa

  38. 4:41 Minority Report reference huh? I like the movie a lot even though I've watched once in school

  39. Do

  40. how is it cheating?? wtf

  41. you should only target people if they actually come and take your mass, thinking about it doesn't count

  42. You take this game to seriously jeez u need to calm down

  43. they should update it so that the people who kill someone they should have all of what they have had