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Sneak Peek #1 | Troop Levels, Defensive Levels and Such | Clash of Clans

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  1. Thanks Jo

  2. Great stuff Jo! I actually look forward to the PEKKA making a return :)

  3. Thanks, Jo! You da man!

  4. i will be gemming them wizzards for th9 cant wait. great video as always Jo

  5. #TH9LivesMatterToo 🙁
    Awesome vid Jo!

  6. can't wait for those th9 wizards

  7. thanks man fr sneak peaks

  8. can't wait for next sneak peak

  9. Also thanks to reply YOU ARE FIRST YOUTUBER TO REPLY ME OMG

  10. maybe it will change the game

  11. this will for sure bring back the game

  12. pekka buff?!

  13. just love ur vids