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SNEAK PEEK – The Bacca Chronicles Ep 6

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  1. PLZ subscribe to my channel

  2. NO WAY so short!

  3. This is most likely the bad guy in the series

  4. Sneak peeks bruh, gotta love them

  5. I love this series it's the best you da best Jerome

  6. Bacca you big tease….


  8. Jerome plz put more episodes of baca chronological

  9. I eat does

  10. eats cyclops

  11. Bring back the animated intro

  12. love you

  13. yep, yep.
    illuminati confirmed.

  14. I don't know, stop copying other types of mobs and making them into another stupid thing

  15. Lol

  16. One day i will understand these episodes hahaha

  17. Make them longer

  18. cyclops

  19. I will miss it noooo

  20. Wait nvm