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SNEAK PEEK the NEW Clash of Clans Minigame Bowler Bowling

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  1. This video only goes to show how useless the bowler really is. Tragic! Nothing against you, Daddy, you're a great guy and a great youtuber.

  2. Hahaha. I was so hooked until I saw the release date. Hopefully dupercell see this lol.

  3. Nice. If only it were actually April

  4. Lol nearly had me, good work on that one made me smile :)

  5. huh??

  6. It's not april 1st yet lol.

  7. Wouldn't that put my gems in the negative???

  8. nice try daddy :D

  9. Too bad its still march 31th…

  10. This would have been a good April fools, but it was uploaded on the 31st instead of the 1st 😛 At least for my time zone

  11. lol i like that game

  12. lets have 2 minutes of silence for the fallen ytuber?

  13. Is this real or a joke I can't tell

  14. This seems great… Can't wait 

  15. I thought this was real, then after awhile I was like, "Yeah, this is fake." Even though this is fake, this looks like it could actually be a legit update, well the footage looks real, but how you get the gems prove this to be fake.

  16. wtf

  17. It's only the 31st of March!!!

  18. firat rule: never read the comments before watching the videos xD

  19. Lol I would probably enjoy that. April fools everybody

  20. You uploaded a day early! Haha

  21. beware the internet tomorrow guys lol

  22. when most havent worked april fools xD

  23. It's not even april 1st


  25. 9th

  26. April fools!

  27. This was a great idea

  28. 0.42 and money.

  29. last

  30. Sweet

  31. hi

  32. 4th woah

  33. first

  34. 2nd

  35. Nice vdo.. Before watching vdo lol