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Special Recap for AproposAlliance

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  1. عاشت ايدك ضلع

  2. Who is Senpai in relation to jake?

  3. omg guys i can type!!!!!

  4. i liked that senpai attack on number 5 he attacked like a pro! this clan must be luck to have that guy.5:35

  5. Sorry Jake but ur the one who failed on the th9 so u are the one who needs to suck less?

  6. Seems like a decent clan, basic th9 war clan.

  7. Apropos Squad <3

  8. can I join one on the patreon clans? I can't find a good war clan, love your vids, keep up the good work

  9. that guys name was senpai…. and jake loved his attack….RELATEABLE…. anyone else noticed it or just me?

  10. Jake you said 'guild' in the description

  11. what's with the BK at 2:55 , walking this far!

  12. Is it necessary to have level 2 lavahounds?

  13. Jake u shuld visit our clan MetallicRain..we just have 2losses since we started n both were coordination mistakes plus our war log is all green..great th8,9,10 3stars n almost all perfect wars…have a gud day

  14. I was surprised there weren't many valk attacks. They seem to be pretty OP at th9.

  15. Have supercell fixed 0% scout attacks?

  16. I have a question jake. What would you think if a weakness spell? ( to replace the poison) it would only make the enemy troops damage decrease. like a lvl 1 weakness spell is -%20, lvl 2 -%25, and so on, untill lvl 5.

  17. I have an exam tomorrow. ????????

  18. Where did u use patreon again for? To transfer over to youtube as a fulltime job, or? I have forgotten.