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Special Recap for Kennvegas

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  1. omg 2 wars ago we had war with these syrians. they're good but anyway we won with 65-59! and btw i 3 starred the omar123 easily (the highest th9)

  2. He forgot to edit the th 9 on th 8 part out I was cracking up ?

  3. Hahah. SYRIA. COM. Nice to see a home clan on this channel im really proud of u guys u were awesome!!, GG to kennvegas

  4. How was your trip to Cali you hick

  5. Prayers for Syria

  6. You showed a 30/30 hit a 7/5 th9 with purps… wut

  7. These 1 wall jump spells are so useless, who says that this shit is in meta.

  8. Best clan for those who want to improve raiding skills! Kennvegas❤️

  9. Another jump instead of freeze 15-20% on first attack

  10. Jake in your clan are there any th8.5? If no in OH, in Genesis or 2.0 or the other are there any th8.5?

  11. Can we get some th10 vs th11 attacks?

  12. #19 guy had lvl30 heroes , while #19 opponent guy was having below 10 heroes. I guess ,opponents were better attackers . while kennvegas suck? xD

  13. Guess what?

    You wouldn't be able to read these words if you didn't have have little voice in your head ;)

  14. In the first attack the first 2 jump spells could've been replaced by 6 wallbreakers, then he could have had an extra freeze AND Rage!

  15. Their nr. 19: lv 7 and 5 heroes… The nr. 19 from your clan… 30 30 heroes… Lol that's not an impressive attack, the base was also shit… I'm sorry

  16. Nice video. I just don't understand why people use a jump spell for just the outer walls.. why not bring like 3-4 wallbreakers and a rage instead?

  17. Bro if your nr 19 has lv 30 heroes and theyre 19 has lv 5 heroes you guys had such an advantage

  18. why you never criticize certain aspects of these patreon attacks? just because the money? I think the patreon users wanna get real feedback and not just like a commentary. captain cook for example: used way too many wizards, heroes too late and in general the kill squad was too strong. YOU are the one who taught me this: at compact bases you wanna keep the kill squad little, just enough to kill the enemy queen and the cc but much more hogs to get more benefit for your heals. but it seems that you forget your own advices when it comes to patreon. you may know me from several videos. I'm no hater. this is just a friendly remind that you continue to lead this channel in the same uncompromising way in the future as you did before.

  19. Worst thing for happen is your clan ends up in a draw and your destruction ratio is low?

  20. Town hall 11 could easily become a 3 star game. The eagle is not nearly as OP as they made it out to be.

  21. wut's up jake?

  22. With bases and armies like that its no wonder they are your top patron

  23. "Big Willy coming in from he right side" XD

  24. shout out to you jake, you help me with attack strategies..hey I'm finding that it's becoming harder and harder to find members in clash do you have any advice? my clan is.. CROWNED EAGLES any tips will help!!

  25. FIRST…oh wait…. dammit

  26. my guess is captain cook is the generous patron

  27. nice video jake! I just got trolled by a tesla in the corner that took out 12 of my hogs -> 97% FAIL….

  28. Hahah actually this is a TH9… Hahahah

  29. Just will leave a like & a comment here then leave.

  30. Hey jake, will see the vid after i comment this lol

    To Vg peeps on android:
    Are you guys having a problem in casual/ranked when selecting characters?
    Whenever i accept, it freezes when im about to pick a character. And i cant do anything then to simply watch the screen. Yes ive been banned 4 times now from playing for like 29mins… Im not gonna do it again till its fixed or someone tells me a solution to fix it. Its really frustrating experience this problem 🙁
    i unlocked saw n was wanting to try him out so bad, but this BUG if preventing me to do so..

    if u guys have any solutions, please tell. Hope VG fixes this SOON

  31. First^^

  32. Yo, guys, one of clan lates just 3 starred a maxed iut th9 with 3 swag heals with lvl 15/15 heroes, yes it's a crappy forum base, but his attack was epic