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  1. Probably the greatest youtube channel u ever seen….

  2. It's fantastic to see how many different superstars play Clash of Clans together. Oh, and Stardust = GOLD anytime he's on UpUpDownDown.

  3. Stardust a.k.a. Cody

  4. I'd join Nicky Clan I'm townhall level 10 and level 125 the game has been boring me lately but joining your clan would definitely keep me playing.

  5. Xavier can I join I'm town hall 7 and you've got a town hall 5 please!

  6. can i in your Clan my Clan Name is LucaWWE FCB SGE and my Name LucaWWE FCB SGE im from germany

  7. I feel like Stardust & New Day need to be working together more often. Whether on here or on TV they're gold.

  8. Can I join

  9. people who dont like your videos are haters #haters gonna hate!!!!! XD

  10. Who tried to search there clan and join????

  11. New day sucks

  12. binding of Isaac please!

  13. Y'all rock at clash wish I was in your clan

  14. Wow! This game looks like complete garbage!!!

  15. can i join your clan

  16. i play coc too

  17. I find it funny ever since UpUpDownDown did a CoC video, everyone is begging to join the clan Stardust, Prince Pretty and other WWE superstars and personnel are in. Guys, it's not gonna happen. You may be lucky to attack their base if it appears at random but the clan is invite only for a reason: to keep the FANatics (or what Michael Cole would say, the WWE Universe) at bay. Just enjoy that they're human and also play CoC and other video games like us.

  18. He's having so much fun with it I'm tempted to try this game out '-'

  19. u are my favorites

  20. Guys can u open the clan I want to join I love new day stardust and Tyler breeze

  21. Why u not answer me

  22. Do u still play clash of clans

  23. Lol!stardust doesnt know how to attack..

  24. nice metallica/pantera hybrid name

  25. i love u stardust


  27. awesome vids guys, do you guys make this vids on the road or at home?
    gotta keep it tight…

  28. you're getting better/ creature tip what's your opinion about it, guyv !!!

  29. could u plz keep ur clan open i wanna join im th7

  30. man,this guy plays really wel,jhe knows the troops well..and knows the well….. COC cody… :D

  31. riot pls league of legends

  32. i am lvl 97 th9 , i join your clan pleasee? tell mee

  33. Prince pretty tbd star dust MAY I JOIN I'm a th7 almost maxed skilled attacker

  34. I am a big fan and I want to talk to u guys my name is diamond fury

  35. Can u turn it to anyone can join


  37. im a simple man,
    i see tyler
    i click like

  38. I actually sent an invite to Nicky Clan a few weeks ago before these vids came out and got rejected by NJSamps. I have a feeling TBD said that at the end because of that lol.

    The game used to be fun but I despise the new update. I'm a max th9 with 660 war stars, played for 2 1/2 years but the game just isn't what it used to be.

  39. Austin can i join the Clan please i'm lvl 61

  40. Mind if I join names harbinger mid th10 max troops at lv120 very experienced at war attacks always get the 2 stars and very generous at donations

  41. star dust can I join your clan my name is star dust best

  42. I never knew stardust played Clash Of Clans Best Wrestler Right here

  43. İm really good

  44. only question is… is that cody talking ot stardust O.o o.O

  45. can i join u xavier woods