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State of Clash of Clans – Updates & What Next

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  1. Heather and Beaker sound cute together.

  2. This may be a dumb idea but there should be a defense where its a building that has a mode where it can shoot either a freeze or poison spell idk it might be a cool idea as a new defense to help players in the high leagues and adds a whole new concept to the game lol this is a very dumb idea but it seem it might be a fun idea to add to coc

  3. HELLO Heather! Awesome channel. I love it and yes i hope they make some changes to dragons… its frustrating im TH8 ( beginning) and all the wars are against dragons. I think they are too OP and nothing stop them , they just throw lightnings and quakes to the air defenses and you are done. 3 free stars to the opponent. I have do all the possible to try to stop dragons to get the 3 stars but i think is boring and frustrating they just use dragons 🙁 . people said why dont you use dragons. I reply casue theres like 20 more F+++ing trooops to make more strategies why they have to go with easy win. i think they should be modified. Did supercell modified dragons in the past? any nerf ? i might be losing some information. :/

  4. For Heroes there should be pause button while upgrading, You can pause upgrading and use for wars and then resume back up. No one lose anything. Everyone Happy :)

  5. Is anyone else curious about what she looks like?

  6. Lol, some bad luck at 0:48 seconds. Golems to off by themselves, Valks and King walk right into a Tesla farm. xD

  7. I like Coc better than CR. And it's true CR is stealing coc players. Tough competition, funny thing is both games are from the same company!

  8. You are so smart!!

  9. make clash great again

  10. I'm a th8.5 only a couple of months into th9 and I love this channel! I agree with what you have said Heather. You have changed the way I attacked since th8 and I appreciate it. Both my heroes are at 10/10, and I'm leading a clan that wars 2 times a week. There is no incentive to upgrade them bc I don't want to let my small clan down out of war. I would love to see heroes up in war attacks even if they are upgrading.

  11. I havent liked using valks since their hp was cut

  12. can i make a suggestion can coc give more gem box …

  13. Upgrading heroes is so FUCKING! I even can't farm without them! they need to change it!

  14. you are probably one of the most underrated coc youtuber out there.

  15. I think you said it right at the end… I think that 7 days isn't the problem on high level hero upgrades, I think they should be made available for war attacks and not for reg. game play. it makes sense because they are available to defend during war so why not to attack as well. please continue rambling, you're like our voice, not speaking your mind is the like not speaking ours!! keep it up!

  16. thanks and you're back again…?

  17. Normally I am not a fan of these opinion videos, because I don't really feel like Supercell cares about what we want from the game, but I am just happy to see Heather making videos again.

  18. 7:15 the training attacks is something I disagree with. CoC doesn't need a change. The Goblin Trail does enough to let people see how their troops AI will work. It is way overdue for an update though.

  19. Use a single player goblin map for war practices…, might be an idea I've thought that for awhile too

  20. I love your videos! You deserve even more subscribers! Everyone takes a break now and again. Don't worry about it. Just keep the great videos coming when you can!

  21. i love your ideas Heather , in fact i was thinking of some of your ideas even before i see this video , i really hope that they make theae ideas real , and thanks for the vid.

  22. Tbh I missed ur vids was wonder'n where u were…nice content….n yes it adds joy to our lives well atleast mine so keep up d gud work heather?

  23. Thank you so much for being a voice for us. I hope COC sees you videos and take some of these ideas into consideration because like myself I am sure there are many who agree with you. Keep up the awesome work and just know that most of us understand that you do have a life outside of the game. We will keep watching and learning from your videos and look forward to every new one when you have time to do so! Thanks again and be blessed!

  24. I love your Videos! Even if they don't come often :-D.

  25. I have an idea for the game that would be a drastic change, but in my mind it would make the game better. When you do a farming attack, instead of literally stealing your opponents loot, I think Supercell should just give you a certain amount of loot based on the percentage of the base destroyed, and the buildings destroyed. For example at TH9 (this will obviously scale up or down based on league), each gold/elixir storage would be worth about 75-100K each, and the TH or CC would be worth 50K each. Collectors would be worth 5-10K each. Defenders will lose a certain percentage of their total loot based on how good or bad they defended. They would lose, say 10% of their gold/elixir up to a certain amount if they were completely destroyed. Like, if they were completely wiped out they would lose a max of 50K of each resource from each storage, as well as the TH, so they can only lose a max of 250K of each if they had over 2.5 million. But if they only had 100K gold because they just ugpraded a wall, they only lose 10K, but the attacker will walk away with 400K gold because he did a really good attack. A simple explanation of this idea is that the game will be just like it is supposed to be now. Better attacks give better loot, and better defenses retain more loot. The only difference is people will base their attacks off of how well they think they can attack the base, not how much loot is available to steal.

    I think this suggestion would still encourage people to use strategic attacks to destroy as much of the village as possible, and still encourage people to have strategic defenses. The reason I make this suggestion is because I'm a TH9 in champion 3 league and I only see another TH9 in 1 out of every 10 nexts, and only 1 out of 10 TH9s I ever see have a decent amount of loot that is worth stealing. So I often hit next for 10-20 minutes before I even see another TH9 that has over 150K gold or elixir. This change will make people decide whether or not to attack a base based on whether or not they think they can take it down with their army, not whether or not the base has enough loot for the attack to even be worth it.

  26. Glad your back heather! I really enjoy your very informative videos they have helped me become a better clasher and clan leader! Thank you!

  27. Make the skeleton for the witch a separate upgrade. That fixes the nerfing issue?!?

  28. There player count has dropped in half clash Royale really killed this game

  29. so how do you join your clan in clash royale?

  30. Agree about the witch! They nerfed the witch and killed it's use at th 9 when it was very viable. So sad about witches. Loved them.

  31. TH10 is fun now? lol, maybe I should start playing again, aha

  32. Love it, Heather. You are my greatest resourse. I would like to see about joining one of your clans.. I know you explained how to go about it in an earlier video.
    Thanks again for the videos. You're awesome!

  33. For a casual player like myself, upgrading the heroes is hard. I wish they cost a little bit less or that there was a lot more DE in the game. This is similar to the wall upgrading problem (for me at least ha) that requires hundreds of millions of resources and takes months to max out. I can't complain too much however; this game is still progressing and there are a lot of things that Sc can do to make it an even more enjoyable experience . This is definitely a stage in time to stay optimistic and your video was very encouraging. Thank you.

  34. Very well said and explained video?

  35. Outstanding