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Stoned GoHo. Best Hog Attack Update. MAX Anti- 3 Star base. C.C. Hound. Clash of Clans.

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  1. Was waiting on this. This is actually almost identical to my base (my queen is in the compartment with the th). It has never been close to three starred by goho. Really impressive stuff cast. Would like to see more of this attack. Great work as always.

  2. ****ditch the max golem and bring max valks*****

  3. So glad you made this vid. I've had so many 95+ % 2 stars lately when using goho due to the update. My solution was to ditch the max golem and bring 4 or 5 valks of my own as well. 1 jump 3 heal and I've been loving it. 4/4 since using valks. I've learned a lot through your vids thanks for the great content

  4. nice strategy but can you streaming again? And can you join my new clan? Please?

  5. third like

  6. woow ?