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Strategy Guide: Quad-Quake GoHo (Newest OP TH8 & TH9 Attack)

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  1. wow th9 gohos Oo

  2. Such detailed attacks. I tried doing it last clan war against a very rushed th10 as a th9 and I didn't get a single star. My use of hogs is soo unreliable.

  3. awesome attack strat thanks man, with the th8 version you use 4 quake 2 heal 2 golem?

  4. holy crap pb this attack is amazing!!!! Easily the easiest way to get 3 stars that you have posted so far. I have low level heroes a rekt a near max th9 with ease. Thanks for the amazing videos!

  5. With both heroes at lvl 30 you'll be able to 3 star most th9s with a basic gowipe. So please show us some realistic attacks which people can actually use.

  6. Fuck the shehawks

  7. Worst placement of rage ever seen

  8. being a th 9,5 is also give me an extra heal spell for my backend hog, and some extra hogs to sacrifice in case the dgb is unegotiable via kill squad tho.. in other saying, i can destroy ALMOST ANY th9 at any design.. :v

  9. Great strategy – Go Hawks!!

  10. Again man, got another three star on enemy's number 1 guy. Gonna get a 6 star war with this strat

  11. The Seahawks jersey tho…

  12. 2 witches in cc and u gonna be in trouble :P

  13. Nice, I sent the link to all my members. Hopefully they will train this startegie 🙂 Three stars for the good guys!

  14. im a clan leader (121 in south Africa) my name is BR121 this sound better than normal goho

  15. hey how's it goinh? you're a-om! improve coast what's happening, guys. !!!

  16. 1 mistake and its pretty much a 1 star or 0 star.

  17. Wheres the th8 replay?

  18. I don't really understand why you would use 4 quakes instead of 2 jumps. Am I missing something?

    Quake is a larger radius than jump so it can cover more area… but if you have to use so many quakes (4) that it's equal to 2 jumps, what's the point anymore?

  19. where's th8

  20. Would 4 level 1 quake spells take down lvl 9 walls?

  21. What level heroes would u recommend? Mine are 16, do you think that is enough?
    Also a side note is 4 quake golaloon is also very strong, leaving you with 3 rage or 2 rage and 2 haste

  22. Ive been doing this attack for several months now. Clan – Warrior'sCity (LVL 8) clan check us out.

  23. It helps if you got lvl3+ golems and LVL20+ heroes. UGH

  24. Thanks again powerbang. Tried this strategy in war for the first time after watching your Video and wrecked the Base for a convincing 3 star. My clan thought I was a hero, ???

  25. Damn PB, gotta hand it to you, I went in for an attack with this, total first time with a quad quake anything, on a guy 15/15 heroes, 1 better than me, I destroyed him. Even had a swag heal at the end

  26. Powerbang could this be used for air-——-????

  27. Jake from Storm Factory again… Too OP man.. Easy first hit 3 stars. Come check us out again if you want ??. Great content man! Keep it up!

  28. i need my crack! where is my 3 star bible mext episide ????

  29. how this atk look at th8?

  30. How am I supposed to bring 3 spells and quad quakes as th8?