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Suggestions to SuperCell for Clash of Clans

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  1. I haven't farmed since the FC update dropped, to have instant 'non-existent' armies would be huge for me, also being a base builder/ tester for an Elite clan, having that option to take something other than a AQC Double jump govaho would be amazing.

  2. Bowlers aren't the only spam troop.  Level 4+ valks are also a new spam troop.  Gowipe clans have switched to mass valks and are now getting regular 3 stars.  I hope SC nerfs the valks soon.

  3. i want voice command like a siri ! build me a 16 valks n then it automatically builds it

  4. lol jake, you are naive to not know that supercell's meta is buffing and nerfing.

  5. Hey Jake, love the content on the channel. keep it up. In the spirit of all the crossovers from Royale, I think a COPY THAT BASE feature needs to be added. It would be a huge quality of life addition..

  6. The amazing thing is, these have been the exact things I have been bitching to my clanmates about constantly lately! Especially not having all your troops showing on the attack screen!! I have been caught out a few times forgetting to put that last archer in because it wasn't showing up in front of me. It would also be really good to have different troop combinations lined up in a list so you can call on them when necessary, so you don't have to remember exactly what troops you used on that last Govaho attack that was so successful – that could also help with the friendly attack play. And the last thing I have a problem is, I have a few accounts, and it annoying how time consuming it is to switch between accounts.Thanks for representing the players to Supercell – you are doing an amazing job, mate!

  7. I can not for the life of me understand why they still haven't put the option to see who is online, and if offline how long ago they logged in. It seems like an incredibly easy upgrade to make and it would be accepted by 100% of the community.

  8. i agree with them all….but like the last suggestion the best

  9. why nerf bowlers, why not wait for a little while for people to figure out a way to build anti bowleer bases, so far all the bases ive seen 3 starred by bowlers are quite susceptible to a bowler attack.

  10. c&c question. Hi jake I am a relatively new TH9 with level 10BK and AQ on her way to 11. I would like to know your opinion on how to upgrade my heroes. My current plan is to upgrade AQ to 15 then bring BK to 15 and then do each hero 5 levels at a time with AQ leading the way each time

  11. Great suggestions Jake. There is a couple of things I would like to see: 1. Ability to save an army. Like your farming army. One click and your barracks make that army. Or GoHo, one click and everything you want is done. 2. Weekly challenge from the goblins campaign. Everyone has forgot that part of the game. They should post a weekly new base that you can 3 star for the loot. It can be done specific for each TH. So, if you are a th9 your weekly challenge would be at your lvl. If you are th6 then your weekly challenge would be easier. But you only have access to the base that correspond to your th level. Those are my two wishes for SC. Thanks

  12. Solid suggestions, more or less exactly what I, and all my clanmates, think as well.

  13. clan war tournaments?

  14. When jake shows your base getting wrekt -.-

  15. Hey just warred you guys from Heavy Hitters 2 looking forward to seeing our war review

  16. I like your FC ideas, but I think a separate Army comp is probably huge in the scope of things. I'd say even FC on a separate tab, that sticks around would be a great step in the right direction. Removing troops from the bar in attack mode would be very helpful. Last the balanced barrack cook up, sure thing. Great addition to the game.

  17. I really like the idea of the new sliding troop bar where the already-deployed troops are omitted and all we see is the ones that haven't been deployed.

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  19. at th 11, its not 100% the bowlers, its the warden. It encourages you to clump up your troops to get maximum effect. Making spam attacks the most powerful.

  20. Do not have troops move cuz then if you are trying to deploy your next troop and it moves… RIP

  21. bowlers need a nerf. thats the biggest thing that needs to change

  22. The only thing I would add to your well thought out suggestions is readdressing the spring traps, the current levels does absolutely nothing. Made primarily to combat valks (which never trip them fatally anyway) they need to go up to higher troops space so that on the off-chance they hit any they actually have an effect. I would suggest: L1 = 12 (troop space)…. L2 = 16…. L3 = 20…. L4 = 24

  23. Why does someone even have to post a friendly challenge? It would be cool if we could just go to a clan mate's profile, pick a base, pick the defensive CC, pick our army, and attack.

  24. Hey Jake, I have a question for you. First of all please answer this question on Coffee and clash videos. I have been hearing rumors about how you think that PwC is not a fair play clan but modders. Well I would like to know why. Please provide perfect evidence and everything. I am not from PwC and I do not really care if they mod or what, but I was wondering how can clan still mod after the mod ban. Thank you.

  25. I wish we were able to sandbox the last war's bases. That way, we have a variety of bases to hit and we don't need to rely on others for the attacks. We can train up an army for it in 45 minutes, and come back and it'll be there. We can practice attacks, retry and try to succeed on failed attacks, and do it as much as we want for the 3-4 days until that war goes away, then we have a fresh new set of bases from the latest war. I don't see any downsides to this and it'd solve relying on others to throw up challenges, as well as army time problems. It'd be in addition to the current system (and whatever edits are made). Thoughts?

  26. Regarding your last suggestion about the "Army Training Screen."  This already exists within this genre of games, and it's WONDERFULLY efficient.  I used to play Samurai Siege, and they have an option within their game to turn on that type of mechanism.  It gives you a central screen with all of your troop and spell options, and you just select the exact numbers that you want of each troop, and it automatically assigns them to one of the available barracks to give the most balanced time for training.  If you change things mid-army, it will readjust the numbers to keep things running efficiently.  But again, it's an OPTION.  So people that like it can turn it on and use it, and people that want to do it the old fashion way can just de-select the option and train stuff manually.  Win-win situation.

  27. I posted a thread on the Clash of Clans forums under Ideas and New Features or whatever. The thread is called "5 simple tweaks to make the most of friendly challenge". I touched on the point you made about custom armies. And other than that I agree with your 4 points here.

  28. Pre-update replays!! That Penta by Khal Drogo was amazing!!

  29. This are all great ideas and bowlers Defenely need to get fix maybe Giants bombs will do more damage or something

  30. Love it Jake,. Love your videos!

  31. Good point on the spell and troop icon disappearing

  32. Oh Dear God No!! The disappearing and sliding troops thing would be HORRIBLE. While I agree the sliding it is currently is a problem, the auto shifting of troops would be yet another problem. I'm concentrating on my battle and don't want to have to be tracking where they moved to when trying to deploy the next troop. I think there are other ways to solve this problem, perhaps stacking to two rows instead of one that scrolls would be an option. Or put in the settings which of the two you want, do you want disappearing/shifting troop tiles or do you want the scroll? I can see how the shifting wouldn't affect some people but would definitely negatively affect others.

    Another option is to keep it the way it is but allow me (before battle) to decide in which order I want the troops to appear down there. I usually know going in the approximate order in which I want to deploy troops. So I could align my KS up first, then my main attack after that so that I know when I slide the screen over I'm done with the first set of tiles. A prime example is during the CC kill. I bring 4 barbs an archer and a poison or two. The two poisons are way at the right while the barbs and archer is way to the left. Be nice I could put the poisons over there with the barbs so I don't have to scroll during that part then once done I can keep it perpetually scrolled to the right for the remainder of the attack.

  33. i do like the friendly challenge however its kinda annoying if they have to be online and req for someone to raid their base. I think there should be a button kinda like for the war if you want ur base to be raided or not and the owner of the base u want to raid does not have to be online as people cannot be online to req for someone to attack. Dunno if anyone will agree but thats my personal preference

  34. make heroes available in wars whilst they are upgrading!!!!

  35. I think for FC, it would be good to leave the challenge up for two hours but once someone accepted the challenge they have two hours to build an army before the challenge disappears. so you have two hours to plan then build an army

  36. Jake, I honestly couldn't agree more.

  37. the spectator count needs to be waaaay higher and if you attack in war it should not show how many people are watching; that makes you nervous and fail easily, how about an option at least to put that on or off?