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Summoners War | Karl Isabelle Hwadam Belladeon Showcase! | Guild War Strategy

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  1. Katarina is really confused coz you make the 3x 40k damage "boom boom boom" sound as well for the panda while doing nothing. But maybe the sound helps him not feeling to bad ^^

  2. Yo! Infamous Represent!

  3. +KnightlyGaming +15 Karl's slot 2 revenge rune!!! Can you show your galleon rune's next time aswell

  4. pls play with your hrugnir or at least show us his runes

  5. Hi!
    I just pulled a fire kung fu girl. I'm level 30 and i dont really know what to do with her.
    I don't have any offense fire monsters, the only fire monsters i use is: draco
    yes draco only. I have no idea if i wanna use her please help?

  6. Can you rune showcase your shihwa?

  7. Destroy runes, not Despair dude :D

  8. 04:08 Dispair or Destroy?

  9. i enjoyed this war

  10. any one looking for a guild? come and join OldKingdom2.0

  11. Can you show your Draco and your Hwahee's runes pls ?

  12. Maby my Fan eyes are Blending me , but you are so damn active and informativ that i would not even be at c3 without you.
    6☆ my wind panda tomorrow. Hes level 33 and Hits for 7k with armor break. Not even max skilled…..Borken and op

  13. Hey, Knight. I wanna see Light OG in action next time, please. 😀

    PS: I researched on how to pronounce Gillaume and it "G EE – y oh m " lol

  14. Use Teshar in GW plz

  15. pungbaek runes plzzzz and chiwu also if u have him

  16. can you show your arena buildings

  17. can you show your arena buildings

  18. i would like to build me a fire 9 tail for necro, how to rune her? 🙂 could u show your runes?

  19. My little brother also plays summoners war and he just got fire nine tails can you please show her runes. also show your briand runes please. thanks for putting out awsome content you are the best!!

  20. can you show rune setup for ramagos

  21. can you show Triton runes ?

  22. I'm wondering how many ms I would need for you to do some opens for me I'm a level 23

  23. can u show juno runes? I mean she's just so underrated and I don't see many being pulled these days

  24. this was a fun video. if you wanna learn to play this game, this is the best summoners war channel.

  25. "Guillaume" is French, pronounced GEE-yome or GEE-yoom with a hard "g" as in "gosh" 🙂 Hope that helps!

  26. knightly just pulled a bastet with 1 exclusive summon pretty bummed cause it was a AA or kumar so hoping you got something good to say about bastet

  27. last

  28. when should i try to get lift i have all the monster for him but no lvl up so should i go for it or no ?

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