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  1. I agree I'm sick to death of these mass troop attacks

  2. I Hate the mention of Nerfs. Every time SC adds something, Youtubers Gem to Max, Find an OP style and Then Ask for a Nerf Before the Majority have a chance to upgrade anything

  3. going off what you said at the end of this video about your shirt. Was thinking having a green mic would be cool so that it would be invisible against the green screen too

  4. I kind of like it. Still takes some strategy


  6. Would it work with level one bowlers?

  7. i dont think they will nerf bowlers, sc wants people to use them like valks

  8. The housing space reduction wasn't necessary. It was before they sped them up. Honestly its just a really ugly attack anyway. Id like to see their AI refined a bit so some skill is necessary to control their pathing

  9. you did it!!! bowlers for th10!!!

  10. How viable do you think having a double bowler walk with baby drags as funnel with miners and either back end hogs or loons would work? I'm about a mid th9 or I'd try it out myself

  11. bowler…..troop vomit 90%…3star..nerf needed

  12. Thank you powerbang for all the videos re clash of clans!

  13. great job PB. love your vids

  14. great job PB. love your vids

  15. want to see how to goho with lv1 hogs?visit my channel!

  16. ok…so the bowler SHOULD BE an OP troop. it's the 2nd to last unlock!

    everyone went from bowlers suck to OH MY GOD NERF THEM in like 6 days. ADD clan community; )

  17. why do you think it should be nerfed? cuz one percent of coc players use em in an effective way? then valks and hogs and loons should be nerfed also. granted th10 became easier but its good. before it wasn't balanced and all u could do was qw golaloon. now weve bowler, govaho, golaloon and th10 got better. its still not as cool as th9 but were getting there.

  18. Lame question. I subscribed to your twitch one day. I've only been to twitch one time and I subscribed to your video. I'm clueless… so please be patient. What is the link to your twitch tv channel? Edit: DOH! It's written all over the page.

  19. Is LAVALOON dead??????

  20. PB you can swap that freeze for a heal I did that and Im smashing RN same comp minus hte Baby drags I use Valks(4) 20 bowlers couple wiz 4 healers 2 Rage Heal Jump Freeze works amazing

  21. bases need to be changed, the its not easy anymore as a th 10

  22. #bringbackmaxattack

  23. Man these bowlers do need to get nerfed. so over powered.

  24. I like bowlers

  25. First you complain about them sucking and now you complaining that they OP smh let's just nerf every attack in the game that can get 2 stars so that it gets hard to 2 star and impossible to 3 star cause that's apparently what war guys want

  26. To bring up TH 11's dominating TH 10's with bowlers is a bad analogy. TH 10 valks dominate TH 9's. TH 10 hogs dominate TH 9's. TH 11's with max troops and max GW should dominate TH 10's. Any TH fighting down has the troops to roll over the defending base. TH 10 vs TH 10 bowlers isn't as easy as the cherry picked replays you chose to show.

  27. Why would they nerf it? I like it thiers all types of strats to 3 I hate when they nerf

  28. Powerbang you made me three star my two attacks on TH10's this last war we got with mass bowlers, thanks alot! I'm always attacking #1 and #2 so having alot of difficulty 3 starring… Love those bowlers! damn the're effictive

  29. Everyone always said to stay TH9 bc TH10 sucks. With the new troops etc TH10 is looking more appealing…

  30. When I paused the video at the looked really ill

  31. it's true what you say, i'm done watching these mass attacks… Remember the time where you would have to do a decent qw, path her out & do a ks for the core. This was skilled attacking, but we need overpowered troops since they took away our extra 30 seconds… Queenwalk in my eyes is a very interesting portion about CoC, since it asks skill & knowledge in combination with the needed preparation to 3* bases… That is over now, whether you mass valk with qw or mass bowler, lately it has been just 1 troop spam for core & qw somewhere in the base to make a small funnel & clean-up… I want the 30 seconds back & i want a nerf on valks & bowlers. They are both still too overpowered and require a mimimum of skill to 3*/master.