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Supercell Gives More Information About the Coming Clash of Clans Update

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  1. Current war matchup my mirror is a th10 with 20/20 heroes and I'm a completely maxed th9. Nbd cuz i see this mirror matchup fairly often BUT guy beneath him (ladder rank 8) is a TH11 doing the 9.5. No th10 or 11 defenses but has lvl40 BK and lvl40 AQ (no heroic heist medal though so straight gemmer) and lvl 18 GW. Like wdf……o and he decided to build EA and inferno during war prep

  2. Imagine how much of an emotional roller coaster it'd be if the new troop was tier 1 (I.e. 1 housing space) hahah people would laugh but cry inside

  3. bro

  4. TH10 is such a joke haha.. You say this is a war update, but idk any TH10's in the war community that were complaining that defenses were too easy or that they had too much time to attack. I think when they say "balance" they actually have trophy pushers in mind. This might cause lots of th10's to retire out of boredom if 3 stars are even more impossible. Hopefully the new troop is amazing but I really doubt it, none of their other changes favor TH10 triples so far.

  5. The first attack was a bit more than 3 minutes making it a fail attack in the next update. I personally dislike that they're removing the extra 30 seconds.

  6. Great vid Jake. Hope they listen to this because I really am not ready to give up clash just yet.

  7. I just wish they would implement for th8 is the ability to upgrade level 7 walls to level 8 with gold and elixir. Been stuck on walls for 3 months now -_- . only 47 level 7 left.

  8. gg fair play, you put up a good fight..kappa

  9. level 4 infernos!

  10. level 4 infernos!

  11. Have you started streaming on twitch cause I can't find you. Can you post next time you stream with a link?

  12. "Make clash great again" -Jake Trump

  13. Witches were pretty OP and needed a Nerf but I don't get why they need to Nerf it. in so many different ways at once

  14. I think the main reason jake they cant do what you want is lets say person like me who is a near max th9 with the poison spell,how could they take that away from me if I already grinded to get it maxed for th9. What your asking them to do is say hey sorry i know you put time into that but we are going to lock it for you until you get to th10,I'd say that would be pretty messed up. That doesnt mean I dont think the poison spell isnt OP its just if they did that it wouldnt be fair for the individual who grinded to get it up.

  15. I agree, keep the 30 seconds extra for TH10 Ive started working out 3 star TH10 attacks but they have been cutting it real fine on the time. If we lose the 30 seconds it means I need to rework it for the attack time…

  16. Some encouraging stuff here, hope they give 30s back to th11/10 tho.

  17. No wonder this guy never gets invited. Why don't you go make your own game jake and implement all the changes that you want?

    You're saying SC should talk to us, listen to us and etc. By us do you mean OH and you supposedly FPC gang? If you don't like the update, just quit.

    Th11 is all muscle no finesse? Have you see clans like Holy High, ITD, AOW? If you want finesse, join them or stay on Th9 jake. You can't have everything. (Yes i'm aware of their modding)

    Then you touch on the skeleton nerf. You said: "This doesn't bother you" and proceed to give your reasoning on why. Seems to me that only your opinion matters and you expect ppl to listen to you because you know it all.

    LOL. No wonder SC don't invite you. You're too full of yourself.

  18. Give TH9 pekka lvl 4.

  19. hey ive been following for quite a while now no disrespect intended but if you haven't played as a th11 or up in titan or legends as a th11 plz dont suggest things you are unaware about, maybe ask the community that pertains to it. witches are so over powered they are 3 starring bases by just spamming no skill or finesse. the infernos are underpowered due to the fact the amount of skeletons spawned. on top of that the warden ability in the middle will ensure the destruction of most your base

  20. We really need the 30 sec., please supercell give that back to us!

  21. You should be a guess at SC right now.

  22. lvl4 infernos….RIP

  23. Onehive Sam with the Swag Hound? 8:50

  24. Make clash of clans great again

  25. always love to hear your thoughts on the upcoming updates.

  26. Yes! Make clash great again! xD Thanks for the vid Jake!

  27. SEMC > SC

  28. Looks like my opted out status will be remaining at th10 after the update…

  29. My god. Three starring at th9 is easy, for you one hive folk. I still have troubles sometimes and am trying to get the hang of it. (Hero levels are 16/20). With this new update, it's gonna get even harder.

  30. Always nice to hear Jake being excited about Clash.

  31. what if queen walk nerf Jake?

  32. finally a utuber who isnt all about hate for SC, great vid jake, good to know someone here talks some sense

  33. Jake it's cool that there's no 35v35 and 45v45. Imagine how many clan match ups ur missing cuz of the segregation. More match ups now haha I think it's better

  34. change the description man; it still reads 'Progress through town hall levels until you reach th10…. '
    it has been too long since th11 came out !
    and thanks for the awesome vids.

  35. Jake they retweeted you kamcord tweet, is supercell friends with you now?!? and inferno sneek peek has just been released

  36. "no regrets" always reminds me of Levi from attack on titan

  37. hello here jake from one hive …. sobre one hive the fake fp clan , SUCK MY BALLS MOTHER FUCKER

  38. Love this. I had finally decided to throw the towel in on this game earlier this week, and now I'm hearing all this stuff, that will make war more of the skillful game it used to be. I may have to come back lol

  39. When u have to say a game company is trying when the game has been this unbalanced for 2 years. it's just sad they have not gotten it right yet.

  40. They said (SC) to Alvaro845 (the YouTuber) that they are working hard on eliminate once and for all, all the "cheats" in the Game, so they can make something like you guys want (arranged wars, tournaments, etc), and this is only the first sneak peak, so, wait for it.

  41. Th10 is so rip again. At least th9 is not a free 3* anymore