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Supercell HQ Finland Trip Vlog Day #2 – GALADON vs ALVARO Screen Wars!!

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  1. Looks like you're having a blast! Enjoying the vlog.

  2. looks awesome!!! kinda always wondered what all that stuff looks like!!!more .more .more lol!!

  3. That was cool wicked ????

  4. That's awesome dude, thanks for showing us this. Can't wait to see more.

  5. You pronounce "vlog" wrong, mate.

  6. Looks gorgeous there, have fun man!

  7. Awesome vid, always nice to see behind the scenes action!
    I would have to make sure I wore matching socks though lol…

  8. Ily

  9. See you in the next video pat. Hehe. Nice nice

  10. Did supercell take you over there??

  11. Good going bro

  12. my life has a no shoe policy

  13. 3:20 Smasung monitor :P

  14. Given the emphasis on royalty in this game (king, princess, prince, royal arena) the colour could be purple, since its commonly associated with royalty… but may be too hard to differentiate from the other colours.

  15. wow ur soo lucky I hope I can be like u one day

  16. Don't know why galadon gets so much hate on his channel, He seems like a nice guy

  17. So were they bringing you there as like a thank you for being a you tuber or for your input on the game or a tournament or what?

  18. I think clash royals should be yellow

  19. whoa! never knew they took you out to finland! grats dude!

  20. Dang if I was there I'd probably be staring at that map thing! Looks cool hahaha

  21. Why are you with galadon and is he subbed to you