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  1. That shit was hella funny when he faked puched u

  2. Whoaaaaaah Cam put the guns away man ur gonna kill somebody haha

  3. is it just me or is it that his outro was backwards

  4. fukin clickbatit bro not cool!!! -1 subscriber :(

  5. Cam bro did he really punched ur face:)

  6. Cam, did you only record with Jeff cause you needed someone to remind you about your queen's ability?

  7. I just noticed that in the first raid, there was a spring trap that got set off that didn't dissappear.

  8. Good thing you didn't punch him this time

  9. cam u should play…just try it

  10. the first one is vietnamese base :))

  11. this video is stupid because it's not fair because you're extremely high level when you start the game you have basically nothing?

  12. make a base build of that TH9 base plz

  13. Who else just screams at their laptop "CAM HIT YOUR QUEEN'S ABILITY!!!"

  14. teach me your hair ways

  15. You said no help for the first raid "You should start because you're running out of time" liar liar, plants for hire…btw your bro could've used some wbs he only needed 3/4 of them

  16. Hey cam can I join your clan I'm th 8 and my name is Wyatt on coc

  17. please check my channel I post clash royale and more

  18. one like = one hurt face.?

  19. Cam is now promoted to a bad raider from horrible raider. Plus without jeff, your queen would've died

  20. I didn't even watch the punch in the face vid because it seemed stupid and boring…now I know…really cam? or chris you're a clickbaiter…and one of those people that only puts all caps in all their titles

  21. CQOTD: do you like your dog or cat more and why

  22. Cam tell me where is your Lil'Cam account in which clan and tell me in next video don't forgot

  23. you both look like a alien

  24. Why would he want to be in the video when you punched him last time

  25. Damn cam doesn't actually suck at attacking? Is he actually so good that he does bad?

  26. Cute cat

  27. Nice

  28. Anyone in crystal league just sick of gowipe and queen walk?