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Testing the Loot in Silver League – Let’s Clash #147 (Day 272-273)

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  1. Hi brandon,What leage is best for farming?TH10 :)

  2. I'm a TH8 in gold 2 and I can't find anything. I hear people saying silver and bronze league is the best and some people say crystal is the best. Idk if I should drop or push.

  3. did you us gems to upgred your wall or

  4. Not true everyone's just panicking

  5. why do u have 1 lvl 1 wall

  6. hi Brandon do u do wars and which is your permanent clan and what is your main goal on your account ?

  7. Try Bronze league Brandon, it is good for th10s and 11s.

  8. Hi Brandon, im a townhall 8 and im in silver to farm but it takes about an hour to find a base with a good amount of loot to attack. Which league do you think is the best to farm for a townhall 8? Ps: I really like your videos, your my favourite youtuber.

  9. Hi Brandon when ur Brandon 3 account become a maxed Th 11 r u going to push it to Lvl 300?

  10. Brandon , Don't you think you should upgrade mortars and wizard towers first , then the archer towers and cannons and air defence? If you are selecting my question call me zombie

  11. guys loot is amazing after the 1 gem barracks boost i mad 6.6 million total resource in 1hr 30 mins last night i dont care if u believe me or not but the dead bases are insane atm

  12. Supercell wants every farmer to quit, well fuck em…..

  13. my last attack was before 3days only 170k each
    no loot
    game is sooooo boring without loot

  14. Hey Brandon, what keeps you entertained while farming for 6+ hours straight?


  16. this isn't actually silver, unless you want to search for 8 years to find one of these bases actual silver takes 10mins to find a base worth attacking unless you are using 4 spells cc and a really strong pushing army to crush everything. but silver is good for saving loot bc if you do get attacked its usually by lower th lvls that see all your loot and fail

  17. I like ur ideas of the second question. nice vid again!:)

  18. Hi Brandon. Do you agree that after the update legends leauge but also titan 1 and 2 have become only for th11? Do you think is still possible to climb with th10
    Greetings from Italy

  19. Brandon how come u have the pre version of the game?!! so lucky, cant wait until clash of clans comes out

  20. You the best

  21. I don't know about you guys but I like the update I'm th8 right now farming dark is much better because! For example you've been raided by th9 got completely rekt, loosed 2K dark but got 16 hour shield. That means you have 4 attacks to get that dark elixir back before one more th9 comes and anal rapes you! With 4 attacks I get at leas 6K dark. It's way better then constantly get attacked by th9's and gain no profit!

  22. What league for th 9

  23. Xmodderrrrrrrrr hate

  24. Would it work for th 9

  25. Them raids where not as good before the update

  26. League bonus should be given for defensive wins. Easy solution for loot shortage. You can collect it when you log on.

  27. I am a th8 where should I farm in that I can find the best loot

  28. Good video :)

  29. I find many dead bases at 900 trophies

  30. Crystal 1 has 0 loot :/

  31. Hey Brandon, After you max your heros and walls, will you upgrade to townhall 11?

  32. When are your lives streams Brandon?

  33. Why dont you upgrade your farming troops

  34. farming is dead give up on it already :*(

  35. hey guys, I know people don't like this but, check out my YT. Im posting new th10 content, I just uploaded my 1st video of me upgrading my town hall, and I will upload more videos on how i farm and i might also do base reviews. thx

  36. People who farm with GoWiPe(ur butt) are a disgrace….

  37. Brandon how about farm at 0 trophys?

  38. hey brandon do u think dead bases got taken outbof c.o.c if so what do u think of it?

  39. do u think dead bases got taken out if so what do u think of it?

  40. How do you find soo much dead bases? I'm a TH9 in Silver 2 and I look for dead bases after 12AM and I can barely find any dead bases, just a few which only have about 200K of each which take about 10 mins to find.