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TH 10 GOBONER | 3 Star and Failed Attack Assessment | Clash of Clans

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  1. IM YOUR 6000th SUB! Just saw one of your vids and loved it! Nice job breaking down attacks

  2. good work jo. just what my th10's in my clan need to see i will make sure they check this out

  3. Great video Jo, as a maxed th11 getting close to legend, can you please do a video on defence tips? Or would your main tip be stick out your chin and take it like a man.

  4. go boner…

    wtf ? ?

  5. Yeah, great video. I wasnt criticizing…just more bummed that i have not had success with that attack. Like u said, th10 is tough!

  6. That first one was just a horrible base design. 1 baby dragon takes out a bunch of structures and an inferno?? I have built miners and practiced repeatedly against a max th10 in my clan and they just dont get it done. Consistent high 50s for per cent and often 2 stars, but thats it. Hit the same base with aq walk and valks and get 80%. i will say we have no th11 so i cant get max miners in cc.

  7. Awesome work Jo, I love the depth that you can go into these attacks. Watched the first attack and going to catch up on the rest tomorrow. Great work!

  8. funnel, funnel, funnel, that's what I keep saying over and over again, and I still mess it up. lol