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TH 9 5 or 10? | What would you do? | Clash of Clans

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  1. soemoe

  2. That account I would keep as a 9.5 until the heroes are fixed.

  3. Just depends if you want to war or not. If you want to war with Sarg – stay at 9.5.

  4. A lot of favour for the 9.5 in the comments. I think you hit the nail on the head Jo in that it depends on your gameplay and the balance within your clan in terms of war weight as well. I think the 9.5 doesn't have as much as an advantage as it used to obviously and I go with the feeling that if you have good balance within your clan, going straight to 10 makes it a lot easier to maintain resources as the infernos really do a number over on a lot of farmers. Like you said definitely positives and negatives either way. Loving the green screen also ??

  5. If you want to war you should go for 9.5, if not you can go full th10 to protect your loot better

  6. Hey Jo, I'd go the 9.5 route. stay low in cups and super knife up and resource raid down.

  7. 9.5

  8. Just upgraded to th10, I am going 9.5 because of the war weight

  9. Going TH10 with 12/16 heroes would be a bad time

  10. I'm gonna be a TH10 today. My game-plan is to first not get any defenses or traps at all for the time being. Just the walls, collectors and stuff. Slowly max those collectors, barracks, factory etc(Basically all the elixir stuff first while spending all my gold on the new walls). Then get the new traps and max them. Them eventually getting the defenses and maxing them as well. Infernos and the 3rd X-Bow is obviously at the bottom of the list.

  11. I was wondering the same thing. I am almost maxed th9. 5 more lvls on my queen and 82 more walls to get to 10. when I up grade th should i go 10 or 9.5?

  12. 9.5

  13. Not sure Jo I just went up to th10 on my main and the bases really changed I get to see. I had to drop down to gold 2 to farm all the dang elixer needed. If you aren't worried about war weight I would drop infernos as it might help you keep loot better.

  14. 9.5

  15. 9.5 if your going to war.

  16. 9.5

  17. 9.5

  18. 9.5

  19. 9.5 if you want to war.

  20. 11

  21. 9.5. Go slowly. No point rushing straight to a full 10.

  22. 10

  23. 9.5 is the clear choice. Stay as close to, or under, the max weight of TH9 70K +/- Dont build any DEF or Walls unless absolutely necessary. TH10 troops make you a beast in war and you have a lot of Hero farming to do over the next few months.

    All of my current TH10s (who upgraded 6 months ago for Miners) are truly butt hurt over the miner "bug fix". Most hate the game now and sincerely regret leaving TH9 in the first place. TH10 has always been broken and remains so. Once heroes are maxed, jump str8 to TH11 for the GW and be the beast your clan needs you to be.

  24. 10

  25. Although i hate it, you pretty much have to go .5 these days due to the matching algorithm. Reason i hate it is i was max th10 before they changed the matching rules. Our clan keeps matching with 10.5s and they wreck us. Last war they had th11 troops hitting our th8 s. I cant downgrade my defenses of course so i am stuck. I guess i could go th11 but i would match with 11s. Ive been farming for 4 years and just dont want to do that any more. Anyway, go .5. If they change the matching again, start upgrading defenses.

  26. 9.5 bro I think is better for you now…

  27. Go 9.5 man

  28. 9.5

  29. 9.5

  30. 9.5