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TH10 3-STAR CONFIRMED | Powerbang’s TH10 Progress

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  1. Town hall freeze was clutch PB

  2. Congrats dude! I've been watching ur vids for a while tryin to get some knowledge. Keep up the good work so us amateurs can learn new skills!

  3. BBBBBBAAAAAANNNNNNGGGGGG TRAIN just got started! Awesome attack

  4. I like the update on the overlay! And i also love how the ads are switching :)

  5. I would like to ask to see if you could do 2 videos on how to use LOGOWIWI AND HOGOWIWI
    if you can if not just let me know Thanks
    Against th9's and th10's please

  6. Wow awesome

  7. not perfect power but still awesome job u

  8. Bad ass attack

  9. How many account does he have ?i know that he has a th9 and now i saw that he has a th10 ..he has two accounts right?

  10. Getting it done sweet 3

  11. Congratulations on your first TH10 vs. TH10 3 star! I'm sure this was just the first of many to come.

  12. very nice attack man.

  13. Low ad but a good start!

  14. Good job PB! Watching TH10 triples are refreshing aside from the usual TH9 3s.

  15. max th9's have a weight of 68~70k. this base's was 75k, so it really wasn't comparable to "a decent th9".. Well done PB i like what you're doing :)

  16. and BOOOOOOM goes the dynamite!

  17. Nice! And congrats on u r first 3 star

  18. How long did it take you to max th9 walls and heroes and how long after that did you stay th9 to focus on war?

  19. Nice attack, even though (as you said) there were some small mistakes, that is still a very respectable attack. 3 starting a th 10 is very very difficult so my congrats to you man. Great stuff.

  20. beyond the teslas that is a decent th9

  21. well done! well done! nothing more to add!

  22. not a max th10 , but nicely done PB …

  23. Th8 with infernos

  24. Nice pb:)

  25. I'm liking the new th10 content. This is good for your higher tier players! Good stuff PB.

  26. haha.. that face! gj PB!

  27. heroes almost to 15, just getting used to Queen walks! thanks for the tips.

  28. Holy Snikees! That was impressive!!! Would the plan have changed if there was a single shot inferno?

  29. New video at 4am! That's dedication :)

  30. Congratulations clash God is with you

  31. good job im a big fan but can u open your clan im in champ and doante alot

  32. Good job buddy, but no offense, I have to hit these bases at th9. a non-you-tuber has to swing WAY above his weight

  33. PB has conquered :)

  34. no easy feat congrats

  35. The first of many #letsgo

  36. I just cancelled the th11 Upgrade because its so much Fun 3 starring th10… Hope to see more content from it here :)

  37. Congrats man! Keep it up!

  38. You've inspired me to go to th10 as well.Realized how easy tripling any th9 was and how much any clan needs a th10 hitter.

  39. A 3 star is a three star PB lol

  40. Hate to be that guy but….first (I think). I like the late night posts?