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  1. Great Material PB!

  2. Power-Lisp Gaming

  3. if you have MAX heros and can't 3star a TH10 base then you should just stop playing COC

  4. Great stuff as always PB. Your content helped get me to Legend.

  5. Nice blueprints brotha!

  6. these was just a sexy recap .. great attacks

  7. yeah another game of thrones lover. right on man keep up the great work PB

  8. nice video dude! keep up the great work

  9. Will this guide still work for two multi infernos?

  10. Hey, I have a question and a suggestion:

    Q: Why isn't good to have your queen in the center of your base? Is it because of the Queen Freeze bug?

    Also, maybe you could make an episode of bases that your clan failed to 3 star because the layout were tricky and tough. That could give us an idea of bases to use and it could give people ideas when making their own layouts.

  11. Valks should do .75 dmg to walls

  12. Nice vid man.thanks a lot

  13. Nice attacks, I would love to see some th8 attacks too tho ^^

  14. all about the OP valks … -.-

  15. powerbang how did you become so articulate? you speak so fluently

  16. I just donate the last war base to my friend and its really good base…

  17. pb I am confused by whf risings web page .?!? they are not accepting people who have better than 15/15 heroes? and to even try to apply for whf 2 tou need 20/20 is it just that people between that are not able to join ? :)

  18. Valks and healers are "beastmode." Says the Seahawks fan…

  19. Les jee-vrey :)

  20. Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom… I want you in my room.

  21. Hey PB! That spiral base is awful. I 3 star it every time I see it. A bit different in terms of how I do it – I let the queen handle one of the L-shape quadrants all to herself with a rage on the walk then 2 jumps and 2 rage on cc giants (to tank infernos) and 20 valks. The movie title "Gone in 60 seconds" comes to mind lol.

    Anyways – your base building guide PB – will it be more for anti-2 style, TH-middle "trophy-usable" bases, or more anti-3 "warbases?"

  22. Is COC banning modders who use mod only to search certain amount of loots and not modding in war? Do you consider it cheating in multiplayer battle?

  23. These valks will probably get nerfed on the next update.

  24. thanks Powerbang….another great vid…#th10

  25. wow so many TH10s triples.! great war guys.!we're missing PB's 3star action.!? get on it PB.! hopefully we'll see you soon in live attack.!? ?✌

  26. I am looking forward to your base build guide. I built some th10 bases as well and its going to be interesting if you are saying the same things i think about

  27. More th8 please ;P

  28. For fuck sake I need max valks

  29. Can you make more of these videos please really enjoy them, PLEASE make into a series!

  30. Power bang respond if your savage lol

  31. hmm im early ill make a joke

    nvm idk any

  32. am not first? lol

  33. imma wait a while before i watch it 🙂 HD