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TH10? How to DESTROY TH11s in clan war – best clash of clans attack ever?

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  1. Not your day, daddy? I'm not used to this much stuttering from you 🙂
    Hope you've had a nice day, enjoy your evening, and i'm looking forward for the next video!

  2. 249k For a DAD!

  3. Cool! Thanks for sharing Daddy???. That TH 11 failing on the TH 10 really made me smile.

  4. You stuttered wayyy too much this video..

  5. Hey daddy idk why u r in 249 thousand subscribers for a longgggg time and u aren't growing that good but I hope u will soon

  6. Bring Inspire 8 back!

  7. Struggling to talk a bit Daddy? So many uurg and umm and whats it called again.. :)

  8. I've twice two star th11 in war now one with a queen walk and the other with 5 lightening n 2 eq taking out inferno n the eagle

  9. The background music tho ??

  10. Finally TH10's can know the struggle of us TH9's when we are paired to attack TH10's >:)

  11. I saw the intro and thought it was an Ad

  12. Stop gowiping

  13. No

  14. Hi there!!!!

  15. Morning! Although you do well at encouraging people to play and wait it out. We all know where clash is headed and who $upercell defines as the community they listened to when making this update.

  16. to early for HD ?

  17. im early damn