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TH10 LIVE Clan War Attack! Anyone Can 3 Star TH10s!

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  1. Dart if you're around mate can you give me a message on Kik? Could do with your help, would really appreciate it. Name is karlm14

  2. dart i have question regarding this attack because i've been using this like for 3 months now. what is your technique regarding AQ is not close to AD. because every time i used this attack it always fail. the puf of the lava will eliminate fast. thank you.

  3. dart, what happened to hebrew legends, where you at now?

  4. I don't normally comment on videos. But that attack was UNREAL. Wow.

  5. Are you out of HL for good? I see you're in another twc and haven't seen a video with you there for a while. Wherever you are I know you'll do great though!

  6. Thank you for the visit DaRT. Your live attack was awesome! Stay classy and clash on. Sure that we will cross paths again someday.

  7. dart did moding before live attack :p jk awesome raid bro

  8. Hey DaRT.

    You should potentially do a video talking about TH9 level Bloonian. Nobody has videos discussing this attack for th9 and as a farming strategy, it's an excellent method to grind out lots of Dark Elixer and some other loot too.

    Who can a th9 attack successfully? is the attack valid in wars? Nobody has an up to date video on this composition and I thought you might have a good take on it.

  9. You breathing at the start of the raid

  10. Loving these calculated spam attacks

  11. Yeah!!! Dart your awesome man!

  12. Just visiting sconni and the crew or staying there?

  13. Beast

  14. When are you gonna upgrade your rage dart?

  15. RED ONSLAUGHT! Great stuff, how's sconni and that lot doing? Really good to see another 3 star TH10.

  16. Excellent video Dart. You are the only youtuber whose videos got me to 3 star a max th9 (using penta). A question though: If 3 air defenses are covering each other, how to deploy the lavas?
    I mean all together or should I wait with the 5th one and deploy it when the 3rd air defense is targeting the balloons?
    Keep up the good work!

  17. hey DaRT, always enjoy your high level videos and its made me the three star champ of my clan. would you recommend maxing walls as well as heroes(obviously), as a th9 before making the jump to th10? Queen is 15 and King is 19. Also do you think a th9 could pull this attack off?

  18. Hey dart nice attack, but, i believe your videos are better off at teaching rather than showing gameplay like other youtubers who only show the attack, and don't really explain how to play for those who don't know or can't seem to perfect the attack using your strategies, when i bumped into your vids a long time ago i said "Dart is way better than anyone in youtube" but as i see you show gameplay it kinda makes me think, "aww man he's turning into a regular youtuber" and honestly i personally think you do better at teaching and explaining, just saying man, again you the best bro!
    BTW i can't seem to get the penta lava attack going been trying for quite a while now but nothing, anyways good attack man laters!

  19. lvl 4 rage, lvl 1 haste, no freeze spells. Gasp

  20. Love the penta attacks!

  21. Nice Vid Dart, but i have one question, using a pentalavaloon what spell is the most reliable against th 10 assuming you cant afford a rage: haste, freeze or healing?

  22. I like how you waited for the queen to jump the wall before deploying the hounds and loons. Smart move. Between the pups and the splash damage from the loons, shes a goner before she can do any real damage.

  23. pretty impressive!

  24. Gj but again this only works with hound in the Cc.

  25. Amazing attack as always DaRT and I was wondering if you could possibly make a TH10 guide to 3 star other TH10s with pentalavaloon? Your TH9 guides are really useful and they helped me get 3 stars when I was a TH9 so it would be great to use penta again to 3 star TH10s :P

  26. You are the God of penta attacks man! I am getting better at it too thanks to your videos.. Out of the last 4 penta attacks.. I 3 starred thrice:) Its easier these days with so many of them having a hound in the cc.

  27. Do you know any good established war clans accepting mid range th9s? Maxed defense, mostly all Lego walls and 17 queen 14 King?

  28. Hey Dart, I'm a friend of 'el lloydoss' and I had been sending him your videos for a while… And as fate would have it, you ended up warring with him in PWC, lol. Thanks for all your videos- your content is always fantastic.

  29. sigh I just failed a penta. the air defenses were all in range (lvl6) of each other at the core n I had just got my hounds to level 2. any tips?

  30. It's 3:46 am here I was going to sleep but then I got a notification of your video

  31. Hey DaRT, another great attack. I'm thinking of starting a defenseless account – do you have any tips on farming and keeping hold of loot post-update? Before I probably would have just gone up to masters/low champs and sniped but obviously this isn't possible any more; do you have any thoughts/workarounds (as I think you mentioned in a previous video)?

  32. Forgot to mention; yes – one of my hounds wandered off. But hey, at least you know these really are 'live'attacks, if you know what I mean! ;)