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  1. Great new strategy! Can't wait to try it in war!

    But before I do, I had a question:

    Since Valks are highly vulnerable to defensive CC troops, how do you handle oncoming defensive CC troops when the AQ is circling the perimeter of the base eliminating flanking defenses?

  2. I just hate the new ad and the poison change .

  3. I'd like to make a request powerbang. I am a new th9, I would love for u to make a video helping me find a way to get dark elixir quickly (with my low level queen and max th8 troops) efficiently. Love the videos by the way!

  4. PB, i really love your content and your channel, but how can you say this is the best update that ever dropped ? Stuff is unbalanced, so many bugs with the traps, so many bugs on the battle (different results in live and attack and replay and war map), broken war matchmaking, terrible answer to cheaters (mods not fixed at all, ghosting already back…)…
    tbh, this update for me announce the death of clash of clan : they really don't know how to fight cheaters (which is not that hard, just need to ban like in all the other serious games), they have no clue about what players want, they have terrible coding etc… Good Bye CoC, it was a very nice game with a lot of potential… I Hope Clash Royal team won't do the same mistakes.

  5. I missed the update! Lol

  6. These are the kind of Vids that make your channel special. Props PB.

  7. damn!! i got to master my funneling.. i'm worst at that

  8. Is Th10 the new Th9, now?

  9. Sick video… Thanks…

  10. My clan was in a war before the update when the update released I had one more attack.
    My first attack (before the update) was Govaloon on an almost maxed th8, after the update I used govaloon again and I completely over killed a full maxed th8 with it just in under 2 minutes including cleanup. I used 6 level 1 valks and 3 max valks in my CC.

  11. PB what about lvl 4 valks :'( ?

  12. Healer was a mistake and will be reverted. Currently heal at 70% effectiveness on heroes. Will be fixed back to 50%.

  13. Power bang lend me a few gems I wanna buy a honda

  14. Finally shupershell make something good!

  15. The air defense looks so shitty

  16. power bang i have a question did work super queen in thise update to collect dark please answer?

  17. +Powerbang What army comp would you recommend for a TH8 with valks for raids ?

  18. did you Gem stuff in th 10 .?

  19. Can I be in your clan I has sent application yesterday, my game name is godlike….?
    please reply ASAP

  20. nice vid .. i like the update so far specially the poison spell nurf ,, thou the 3 min duration is kicking my ass at war i just had 2 attacks and both got 93 and 97 % using golaloon max attack which was the fastest attack to wipe a base so i think sc shouldve reduced it to 3:15 not 3 min cuz its really depressing to clear everything and end up 2 starring due to timing wasnt long enough

  21. Hey Powerbang. in a TH9 queenwalk GoHo am I better off taking 2level 4 golems and CC Max level6 hogs for their better stats now, or should I stick with the current CC max Golem? I get that this is somewhat base specific. Love the vids and recommend them to everyone.

  22. Daaaaang! My valks are lvl 1. :-(

  23. 3:27 Max level infernos ? :3

  24. Valks are insane now. For kicks i'm just building 27 valk armies with 4 heal spells and watching as they just completely tear up maxed th9's with ease

  25. can you make a video about clan wars latest update

  26. Great vid pb!! What do you think a th9 cc should be filled with on a goho, max golem or the new max hogs??

  27. SHHHH! PB we would like to have a chance to enjoy them before they get nerfed pretty much instantly! I'm hoping that supercell doesn't get it in their head that just because more skilled attackers know how to use them and are pulling off nice attacks doesn't mean the majority of casual clashers will be capable of the same.

  28. Theta aré op and you don't have 40/40 heroes eh en you have them they Will be moré dangerous

  29. I really like th10 now for war. We got valks and hogs to utilize besides just laloon. More options to choose from what makes townhalls fun to be at

  30. That vid so awsome, now imma go powerbang my gf to celebrate!!!

  31. Hey, can you do a video for TH9 players also? That will be so much helpful! :)

  32. Yoooooo pb remember when I said stuff about buying infernos after match up for advantage and repeat, did u tell supercell or did others spread it I just want to know if that was me (cuz that'd be awesome) I can't think of any other reason for sc to do that besides what I said

  33. I would like to see some town hall 8 Valk raids.

  34. Yo PB, I'm fresh TH10 and i farm with 8 valks from th9 days. Im only on Freeze spell level 2, but I'm really tempted to tie up the lab with Valks 5. think I should go for it? or stick to freeze until level 4. I've been getting 2 stars in war with the level 2 or none at all. look forward to your response, man.. love your vids

  35. the new troop sucks. its soul purpose is to help noobs funnel their troops. you heard it hear first.

  36. Queens aren't triggering giant bombs until you pop her ability and archers come out

  37. Is it ok to be 9.5 on your clan and others are th9?

  38. I still kind of prefer the old Valkyries at TH9 at least. Has been my main raiding/cup attack: Queen walk into ~8 valks which was enough. Now they tend to die too easily to gb and xbows.

  39. Yo Powerbang, drop a poison and add a hates from your cc spell. Use it for the core to help the valks melt the center instantly

  40. I know farming isnt your game but i would really appreciate to see your thoughts on how to use the gobs effectively cause it seems to me more relevant to dump my elixir on walls than to go for lv 6 gobs.

  41. well… give it a month for valks to get nerfed!

  42. 300th like :3 hyped to see lots of new gameplay with these new troops/levels!

  43. can we see a TH8 raid?

  44. When u do a video on bowlers, cover the lvl6 hogs also pb. 😀 and the skeletons changes… Please man..

  45. can i use 3 healers on a lvl 20 queen?

  46. Lovin it PB , HUGE VALKYRIE fan.. Them Ginger Ninja's are BEASTS…!!!

  47. Do you worry that the valk nerf takes away a lot of the skill needed to 3 star? Your replays looked a lot like gowipes. Funnel everything to the core drop your spells and 3!