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TH10 vs TH10 MINER SPAM – More Clash of Clans Faceroll Action

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  1. thanks PB ..

  2. what shirt is that? looks amazing ?

  3. nice video , thanks :)

  4. Any of you guys know where to farm as an league and strategy for th10?

  5. These are the beginnings of new gowipe in clash

  6. all your content is awesome

  7. hey pb , are u going to release a new th9 base building guide at any point? with the new meta we're struggeling with makeing solid bases

  8. Appreciate the video bro.. But u attacked bases with heroes down.. Wouldn't they make a difference?

  9. Hey can you guys do me a huge favor and subscribe to my new gaming channel ? It would mean a lot and would love any feedback as well ? I'm getting so close to my goal of 1k subs!

  10. Yeahhh "strategy" …

  11. PB, I was wondering if you would do a lavaloon-type guide to th10. If you already have that guide somewhere would you please point that out to me? I think it would be nice to break things up from the meta troops. I realise this is difficult and there are so many elements to consider… but it would be highly appreciated. 

    Thanks for reading 😀 EDIT: Nice video! I dropped a like as per usual

  12. Great video man I'm going to bed I'll watch it when I wake up pb the man

  13. This is a late video

  14. Pred left whf? Rip whf…


  16. Miners are OP. Invincibility in between buildings, what did supercell think? And dig underneath walls? This isn't gonna be OP, right… Well, uhm..

  17. these miners are insane op

  18. Hmm, now all those who were defending spamming are gonna use what exactly as an excuse!? #StoptheSpams

  19. Hahaha good vids

  20. Like hogs but hogs!

  21. Ur my fav utuber

  22. cool video ?

  23. Wow I got this quick

  24. Nice video

  25. lol love the face roll?

  26. Hey!!