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Th10 vs Th11 3 Stars – And Some Tips For You Guys – Clash Of Clans

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  1. Another excellent and very helpful video!

  2. Привет Гади !) Когда будет обзор атак от клана GS96 ?)

  3. hi gadi 🙂 I dont understand one thing. So in the past it was hard to get 3 stars vs max th10, even on clashcon 🙂 and now th10 can 3 star th11 using queen walk + golaloon?

  4. Hey gadi i would like to ask u if u would like to join the clan bvb4ever and record some attacks 🙂 we are about to reach 300wins and are the best clan in gernany
    that would be awsome :)

  5. what is the effect of the Grand Warden on defence??

  6. OMG! An immortal queen.

  7. can you post some th9 3 star th10?

  8. do you think goblins can 3 star a base ?

  9. Nice

  10. hi gady bro i want join your clan I'm th9 i have level 30 heroes