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TH10 VS TH11 | Easy 2 Star Strategy | Queen Walk + Valkyrie vs Anti 3 & Trophy Bases

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  1. Can you please to a th6 layout update.

  2. Is it just me or is the miner super OP? I just got them ( lvl 1 ) and 3 star'd a th10 as a th10 of course. GOVAMINERS.

  3. Nice video Ash. I've tried so hard to get my clanmates to come watch your videos so they can learn to attack effectively, but they just wont do it cause they claim they aren't good with learning from youtube vids. Soooo frustrating… It's why I stopped doing wars.

  4. Ash, you're the best!
    I've two questions for you… do you think Supercell will nerf valchyries? And right now, are maxed bowlers better than maxed valchyries?
    Thanks in advance

  5. Ash you are the best you really listen to your community. One FYI this video works for th9 attacking th10. I only have th9 troops cause I just moved to th10 and I get 70% or more with that same strategy. Thanks agains so much this is why I subscribe to your channel cause you care bout what your viewers want to see.

  6. Thanks Ash that was pretty helpful

  7. you r abest strategy base youtuber..i slways follow your u ash

  8. Thanks Ash these help a lot !!

  9. Great break down! Good job A Team!

  10. Vaby Drag is better!!!

  11. que buen vídeo, gracias.

  12. can you do some th7 vids plz

  13. 10th

  14. Ur very helpful man thank you for ur vidzzzzz budd

  15. Hi Ash can you bring us some th10 bases trophy puching and farming bases please and Ty !

  16. please subscribe for me

  17. الي عربي لايك ???

  18. can I have your background

  19. Nice vid ash

  20. good like

  21. hello

  22. Finally some th10 stratigies ???,thans man

  23. push up

  24. Keep up the vids man, helping loads

  25. nice vid!

  26. hello everyone