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TH11 Anti 2 Star Trophy Base | Th11 Hybrid base Layout | COC Best Th11 Base 2017 | Clash Of Clans

  1. this is not hybird base this is trophy base

  2. Bro can you do a lever 6 base pls I need a good base

  3. Good luck 💖

  4. If only I was th11 I am th8😫

  5. ขอ th10 legend leave

  6. bro can you make 1 anti lava hound war base plz 🙏🙏

  7. New subscriber here! 👊👊

  8. you make me want to o to th11

  9. 😍😍

  10. Thank you. Keep it up. Nice design and looks great base. Your channel will grown very fast if you bring more variety. Bring some war attacks, different attack strategies. Very a great day.

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  12. hi

  13. 1st