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TH11 Miner Strategy TOO Strong? WHF vs. Indo Elite Recap

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  1. More Pokemon Go !!!!!!!!

  2. Is it me or most of the time it's shitty bases getting smoked. I'm talking layout not building levels. Or crappy cc def (as if there is a good one)

  3. Hey you're wrong. We just finished war and I was attacked twice with maxed miners and was only 1 starred both times, also got attacked by max bowlers too, same out come.poor players do exist even with spam attacks. Try suggesting better defensive buildings, more walls, bigger map. Don't penalize the player for farming the long hours to get better troops. Or developing better attack strategies. Your suggestions are with every good attack is to nerf the troops…really? Common sense…let's use it before making suggestions that rip the player off.

  4. 48 miners is the new war attack? Well, that's just lame. Even worse than the mass bowlers raid. SC really screwed up this time. Mass attacks as we are back at th7 but instead of drags we got miners.

  5. I dont understand why people freak out if one troop is strong. Th8's have been using mass dragon since forever, then there was mass hog, mass golem, mass witch, mass valk, mass bowlers and now mass miner mania, lol. Heck, lavaloon is basically mass loon with a few hounds thrown in. Barch could be called mass barbs/arch. When I farm i use a bunch of giants, that could be called mass giant. I mean, who hasnt tried mass pekka, or mass goblins just for fun?
    Should I go the noahs ark route and bring two of every troop? No, of course not..that would be silly and not very effective.
    Mass attacks have existed for a loooong time, and they will continue to exist because they work. This game isnt going to die off because th11's are getting 3 starred.
    Im a max th11 in Titan II right now. My base isnt exactly like the first attack in the video, but its the same style and I have yet to be 3 starred by either mass valk, mass bowler or mass miner…and I get attacked quite alot!

  6. They should just prevent spam attacks by making it so that bowlers, miners, and valkyries can't take up 80% of the camp space. Or any other troops that seem spammy.

  7. people pay a lot to upgrade, don't want anything nerfed that we gemmed for advantage

  8. It is very weird that $C dont even care about spam attacks.

  9. I applied for WHF Rising but they rejected me because I'm not 18. I'm 17 going to be 18 in 2 months! Is that acceptable? Or do I seriously have to wait 2 months?

  10. Oh wow, now you want ANOTHER nerf? Maybe we should only be allowed to attack with barbarians for war attacks? After we nerf them of course.

  11. Indo and Elite…sounds like an oxymoron

  12. im tired of seeing mass attacks. the game loses strategy. it gets waaaaay boriiiing.

  13. i feel like the next update needs to change alot of things attacking wise its like witches when they first came all over again. difference now that u have more than 1 troop u can spam

  14. just got max hounds and bowlers, now looks like i need max miners lol

  15. Miners are great against certain style bases, especially single infernos. TH11s, with high HP/defensive cores, will not be 3 starred with mass miners, maybe not even 1 starred. These videos make it look soooo easy. It's nowhere near this easy against many many bases. PB are always crying for nerfs it cracks me up. Its totally base dependent, like every attack is. The troops in game now are perfect for 99% of the people.

  16. I watch most of ur videos they r best I am th8 and want to know good attack strategy forvth 8 pls

  17. I watch most of ur videos they r best

  18. do some good videos on th 8 also

  19. I never really understand why anybody puts his infernos on single. With a strong compact core with multis, a lot of teslas and archer towers and storages around it is a lot harder. Miners seem op because they work well on those bases that are strong against valks or bowlers.

  20. 9:00 Kobra's attack was clean and elegant. Loved it!

  21. The point you made about th10 vs th9 with miners is complete bullshit, the fact they only go to level 2 means that they insta die vs double giant bombs

  22. this spam attacks only work well on th11, because of the warden. th10 vs th10 ist more difficult than th11 vs th11 atm.

  23. this spam attacks only work well on th11, because of the warden. th10 vs th10 ist more difficult than th11 vs th11 atm.

  24. Looking for strong th9&8 attackers 

  25. Hey join my clan straight out of Trinidad and Tobago (Trini alliance 

  26. Is there any clan I can join? I am an new th9, lvl 95, 250 war stars.

  27. Hey powerbang I'm from clash of ditka, we just beat Indo elite pretty easy. Would you guys be up for an arranged war?