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Th11 Update Aftermath & Effects on Clan Wars

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  1. Yo is Onehive Alpha recruiting 8.5s? and do you guys accept 16 year olds, because I dont know if onehive is adult only. Also a simple fix I see for th10 is to add an extra army camp lvl. An extra 20 troops could really tip the balance.

  2. in the video u talked about a new troop for th 10 i personally would have as idea a troop that works like hogs so it is a ground troop it junps over walls but it doesnt aim for defense it should aim for ads or for xbow or what ever so that they go into the centre of the base and are tanking for the hogs and it wont be op of SC gives this the right amount of hitpoints

  3. Great video Gazzete. I hope they take away the donation spell. It ruins the balance

  4. can you give me a free account for android thx