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[TH11#1] 3 Starred “The Ring” Town Hall 11 Base

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  1. That's crazy, your growing so much, I remember a year ago watching your townhall base videos

  2. nice

  3. This base is easy to 3 stars, a really good Th9 of my clan manage to 3 star a max th10 (exept lvl 9 walls and level 20 heroes)

  4. congrafts for 90k sub :D

  5. nice vid jack,can u make th10 farm and war base? or any th10 good base that u can share? thanks

  6. What is your name?

  7. may base cua bac nay minh thu hoi yeu 9.3

  8. I like your videos and I always watch your videos jack…Nice please continue on…I even use your base

  9. whats the name of background song track?

  10. ?nice

  11. Nice Jack !!

  12. can u make a base anti valk and earthquake cuz as u know its op, too many use it and im trying to save loot and win defences

  13. viet nam ak

  14. Nice video

  15. awesome attack, keep it up with the great vids

  16. Beautiful Attacks!

  17. Nice vid, thanks so much

  18. Cool video bud