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TH7 Hybrid Base NEW UPDATE Town Hall 7 CoC Spiral design | Clash of Clans

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  1. It's meant to be more anti dragon for th7

  2. Delegend – Clash of Clans built a base and I'd like you to view it, and maybe if it's worth it, show it and see how it truly works vs all different attacks?

  3. If I will in your can I give some good troops? And will I in CW if I am lvl 73. You can watch me in my clan call: CZECH LEGENDS. I am PHOENIX_CZ. PLS ANSWER THANKS. :)

  4. only 1 seeking air mine at TH7 bro but nice idea.

  5. Nice base build : )

  6. Looks like a pretty good build!

  7. Look's like the Nazi Symbole :/

  8. Cool base

  9. TH9??

  10. Nice

  11. Nice base! I like design but don't like very good for a hybrid base ;)

  12. nice

  13. 1st!! Great base bro <3