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TH7 War Base with 3 AIR DEFENCES Update – Clash of Clans

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  1. ok

  2. Thx dude most recent video :D


  4. This base looks really good thanks

  5. Thanks! Can you do a hybrid base for th7 as well please?

  6. this really helped thx?

  7. thank you for helping me with a base layout because of the new update I can't find any

  8. Could you make a TH7 Farming base? like an anti 3 star with dark in the middle?

  9. did you know i was the second one to watch this video also love the music

  10. good this found this because its almost war fo me and its like 2 or 3 hours away

  11. I feel like you're the first one to do a 3 air defence th7 war base… I just need a normal base

  12. Could you please do a farming or hybrid base for th7 with 3 air defences?

  13. Already? Calm down!

  14. this base looks great 🙂 i gonna try it out thanks a lot !!

  15. Muchas gracias

  16. Stop meta tagging

  17. Can someone tell me the differences between a farming-hybrid-clan wars-bases?

  18. can you make a th8 push base?

  19. Hi, I'm a 12 year old MW2 warrior. I'm tenth prestige and I've killed almost 30,000 Taliban. I've made try outs for only the most elite special forces units such as FaZe and OpTic. Chris Kyle said in an interview he studied my quick scope technique, but he still can't figure out how I am so good. Although I have never fired any sort of weapon other than my favorite nerf gun, I was wondering if Delta Force would be good enough for me or should I go to an even more elite unit such as Seal Team Six?
    P.S. When I am 13 my mom said she might let me get my first air soft gun!

  20. Thanks Likeeeeeeee??????????????❤️

  21. i was upgrading my town hall to 8 and this comes out. after getting 3 stared like millions of times, they finally do something about.

  22. Song rocks!

  23. pls th 6 base!!!!

  24. th6 plsss

  25. Great base!