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TH7 WORLD RECORD 4700 – Well Done To Looney First TH7 to Titan 1!

  1. hi, i'm th7 full 1500cups, I can join?. I want to up cup

  2. baia baia :v

  3. Looney TH7 RECORD
    4,702 TITANS (1) ?That's one Savage Seven! Savage Attacks!

  4. I was on savage soon and Savage Seven. Once a Savage, always a savage

  5. lmao

  6. like

  7. how is the song in the begging ING called

  8. Looney is a monster

  9. guys join new Quantum's 8.9 for pusher need some good players my name is Ashkaran Singh in coc

  10. What's the intro song

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  12. what app do you use to record? and to make the intro with

  13. savage family Always focused on push + ???

  14. First!!!!!! Pls follow me on Insta evil_Mazzin

  15. First comment and first view!!!