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TH8 ANTI 3 Star War Base WITH REPLAYS [Version 1] – Clash of Clans

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  1. i am not rushed I am th7 i will send u a pic of my base

  2. ok

  3. The people who attacked this base in the replays sucked lol

  4. delegend I requested to join ur clan and was regected wats with that?

  5. talk so we know what are you thinking

  6. its really good with gowipe but not with drags but i like it

  7. i wish i can record the other base you did the anti 3 stat one

  8. omg yes nice vid

  9. make please a anti dragon base town hall 7 (war base)

  10. 4th Comment 🙂 … DeLegend I am in your clan : BattleBee … And I love your videos!! Always Gonna Comment and Like !

  11. 3rd comment ^_^

  12. Great Base!!!!Keep with the good work

  13. i am first