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TH8 Earthquake + GoVaLo – Clash of Clans War Attack Strategy

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  1. can you tell me What's the best strategy for th8 Max attackers vs th8 max def

  2. Yea surgical gowipe is the way to go on base 2

  3. beautiful attacks. great video. how bout gowiwi attack or govagina lol xD

  4. Haha, like the jokes… Very nice attacks, thanks for sharing!

  5. Check your twitter Dan….

  6. th8 goho, can you explain how to make sure your kill squad survives a lot better with the 2 witchs in the cc that won't get fire spread on them by a drag, im having trouble 3 staring with it, i was in your clan but i got kicked/: i just needed some  help but guess not there so i come here.

  7. Looking forward for your how to use hogs videos…. Keep it up!!

  8. Can you show  th 9 GoVaLo attacks?

  9. can you do a video where you attack a max 9 hall as a town hall 9? My friend said me being a max 9 hall with 15/20 queen/king should be able to 3 star any 9 hall but I can't. Thanks, keep up the good work!

  10. 1st!