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TH8 GO DRAGONS | Clash of Clans GoDrag Guide

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  1. This is good practice for multi stage attacks at th9 but really 10 lvl 3 drags with zap quake, rage and poison and cc balloons will kill any th8 base

  2. At th8, I've been using GoVaDrag, an it works extremely well on those GoVaLo bases with air set skeleton traps. My army comp is 1 golem, 5 valkyries (3 in clan castle) 8 wizards, 5 dragons, and whatever troops you need to lure their clan castle

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  4. hey buddy nice contents plz buddy make regular cids

  5. Really unless gentle incentive dinner line.

  6. black hall shadow limit profound administration end.

  7. Meee impresionas!!!! :V. excelente video

  8. In my opinion 7 dragons leaves not enough housing space for other troops to kill the other AD. Maybe if you combined mass hog with mass dragon it could work, and would be a great combination. Other than that other strategies like golems and wizards seems a bit ridiculous.

  9. nice strat vid but all ads down on th8 doesn't assure 3 stars with drags please rephrase cuz ive seen all ads down nd about 7-8 drags still stopped by towers. and testlas and black air mines but great strat vid ive never seen this one before

  10. please, upload some best and new th9 attacks..please

  11. Th8.5 but I watched till the end!
    Was a very good video and will try to modify the strategy with TH9 troops and spells..
    Would like to see another video on this strategy for higher TH levels.

  12. Gray stand regional muscle scared in wrong

  13. Occasionally slice dead inside such fashion alone assistant rescue.

  14. Omg, tutorials like this are SO satisfying

  15. got 3 star with this strategy thanks clash tutor

  16. Tutes is back with a bang! I love to show your videos to my clanmates to help them understand war attacks better. Keep up the good work girl! <3

  17. GG i just upgraded to TH8 few days ago.This may seem very helpful in the future!

  18. another awesome strat, gonna try this out right now. looks like the best way to push to titans ?

  19. show tx10 on 3 stars

  20. nice strat but 2s with hybrid th8 with all max out AT.

  21. Heather I'm a TH8 and the only thing I have left to upgrade is the quake spell to lvl2 (walls, lab upgrades and everything) but I asked my clan mates and they said that upgrading the quake isn't worth it to just save the dark for a queen what do you think? 

  22. i am a th 10 BUT iam habing alot of truble plz tell ne what is the best farming strategey in th10 and which leagur

  23. plz give 1 episod in day

  24. nice into to dragons but using golem wouldn't work instead hogs would work more efficiently..

  25. I got an idea, how about a haste in the cc for the loons, and bring your own double poison or extra elixir spell for the godrag with loons?

  26. Just listening to your voice made me wanna marry you. =3

  27. Ohassanti on video?

  28. Give please clan tag

  29. 18 minutes of th8!!! You should've waited 'till Christmas!!!!

  30. I can't find your clan

  31. Thanks Heather as always very informative. definitely going to try that GoBoDrag. Great strategy. keep up the good work.

  32. time to try this 🙂 hope I don't get kicked…

  33. awesome , now i want to go back to th 8 ^_^

  34. im a th 8.5 bt im gonna use dis strategy to 3 star the th8s that match up against me in war

  35. kill squads rocks?

  36. Heather sorry if I spelled it wrong can u send ur clan tag so i can join?

  37. really Awesome tutorial…Upload more th8 stuff regularily :)

  38. nice video awesome strategy will surely try this in war

  39. hey do you have any video on a queen walk gowiva th9

  40. Literally just saw this in the kingdom

  41. lol such an early video its like 2:20 am xD….worth the wait ;)….love the vids <3

  42. This intro is soooooooo awesome!

  43. GoDrag! WOW

  44. I got a strategy… 8 drag 8 Hoggs 2 Zap 1 heal and 1 eq.. Max hoggs in cc

  45. Hey heather!

  46. Upgrade video quality plz .