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Th8 MINERS added to GoHo/GoVaHo Strategy for Clash of Clans

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  1. The problem is I'm te best in my clan. So I can't get good troops for war and I'm taking on max Town Hall 8 anti 3 star bases :(

  2. looks like fun!

  3. hey ash any use of miners in th7?

  4. th9 video with miners would be great. Thanks for the great content Ash!!!

  5. What th do bowlers max at? Same with miners.

  6. Stand a few bloows haha get it blwoos

  7. could you tell me a strategy how to attack th8 against th9? please thank you :)

  8. Yes Ash!!! We need one for th9 too!!!!

  9. Can't wait to try it 🙁 but i can only get level 2 miners

  10. A Champion at TH8? Damn!

  11. Can you do a vid for TH 7 tips and strategies? Thanks! Love your channel

  12. wow nice strategy

  13. do one for th9 plzzz

  14. Hey ash, I'm currently a max th 9 just working on maxing out heros and walls and few things in lab. I have been working on 3 star attack strategies. So could you come out with a th 9 strat with the govaho with miners. Thanks! Love your vids, helps me with attack strats keep it up! ?

  15. Ash for your next clash Royale video, could you give elite gaming 2 a shoutout would really appreciate it :). Dennis and the guys over in the main created a second EG clan about 2 days ago.

  16. thenks ????

  17. Can i join someones clan? im a th8 my name is Mystic btw

  18. Make some videos for us TH7, please!

  19. And Th10 still doesn't get love…

  20. Miners suck.. And that's being honest. At level 2 (th10) miners aren't that good, not a war troop so to speak, not particularly strong as you'll need at least 2 to do damage to most buildings in a reasonable amt of time… Compared to a level 3 baby dragon, miners are kinda useless at th10.
    Max goblins, minions, wiz, hogs, valks, Pekka, even bowlers (Now) seem better than he miner. It needs a revamp, should target defenses & troops first in my opinion . Backend hogs and loons is all you can do since this game was created… why not backend miners?

  21. Ash bro may I have max miners? Come to AdultSwim lvl8 clan

  22. this will be an unpopular thought. but THs should only be able to have their max lvl of troops in cc. when they get TH 10-11 max troops it's basically a guaranteed 3 star. this game has turned into so offense heavy it's ridiculous. there are very few attacks being used anymore that even require thought.

  23. Miners aren't very helpful at th8, cc hogs would be more effective

  24. Ash can you do a vid on hbhg for th8?