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TH8 War Base ANTI 3 STAR – Town Hall 8 – Clash of Clans

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  1. WOW!! this looks amazing!?? i'll be using this in war for sure!

    how do you get the inspiration/ideas to build something like this? you could maybe make a vid (with clash feed ?) showing what is important for a decent base; like compartment size, trap locations, storages etc.

    you always explain them in vids but you could go into greater detail like showing good ways to start, importance of outside buildings, how to make sure attacking troops get caught by traps etc.

    i would really appriciate if you could do something like that as i haven't found a good vid explaining everything important. i'm sure a ton of your subs would like that too!!??

  2. I recorded 2 replays how do i give them to you?

  3. Could you please do a TH7 and/or TH8 base (as I am getting TH8 soon) with my name in the description of the video? Please reply

  4. Can you make a th8 farming base


  6. I wanted to show you my th 7 i made but i got nowhere to send you unless i join your clan to show it to you, needed a nice opinion about my base

  7. лучший и красивый база для тх 8 спасибо класс // best and beautiful base for th 8 thank you class

  8. Thanks goood base

  9. ill give it a try next war im in

  10. looks good ill give it a try when im in war after my bk is done upgrading

  11. nice vid dude keep the good work

  12. yay im a th8