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TH8 War Base – Anti Everything – Anti 3 Star – 2016 – Clash of Clans

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  1. what is the song name ???

  2. Lol that's a good intro

  3. Please put some replays

  4. Keep going man you are the best

  5. I like it. It's not prone to the easy strategies. However, the bomb spot as you have it is ineffective, as hogs from the bottom left will path around it. Maybe one or two will split off and trip it. Hogs from the bottom right going around will around the bombs entirely. The positioning needs work, but I wouldn't hog this unless I knew where the traps were. I do like a challenge, so I will explain how to take this one out.

    I'll send a hog on that top right mortar to lure the clan castle troops. There's a building for an archer to anchor on in order to pull the clan castle up to the top, which I could kill with clan castle witches or wizards if my clan doesn't have witches. From there, I'd go with a gohowipe from the top (the funnel is so easy), and put four earthquakes on top of the town hall, opening up 60% of the base (90 if you count the compartments that ranged troops could take out)`. Send in hogs to the bottom mortars once the two cannons on the bottom left and right start targeting the golems and PEKKAs, and that's three stars. It might take 2:00, if that.

    Still, it's certainly better than some of the forum bases I've seen. Not bad, but the one thing that I will be highly critical of is the location of your clan castle. You have to prioritize that and make it almost impossible to lure out. If one hog can do it, you're doing something wrong, because the clan castle is always so powerful. I suggest using the following video for a reference of how to build good anti-three star bases.

  6. wheres the air sweeper?

  7. TH8.5 Hybrid Base Layout PLZZZZZZZ

  8. bro i would like to join ur clan i am th8 lvl7 king? can i join

  9. Keep it up bro! Some replay bro

  10. What if you only have 3 builder huts

  11. Good, i am mexican☺, your base is perfect?

  12. nice one keep going bro

  13. 1st