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TH8 WAR + TROPHY Base CoC | Town Hall 8 Clash Of Clans DEFENSE STRATEGY

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  1. Do a push to titan!

  2. Hey, I used to watch your vids and I still love them, also a great series would be a Clash Royale push to top 200!

  3. Serie idea: Attack strategy for all town halls (i need it xD)

  4. your video. is so coool what is the name of your clan BTW

  5. Tell me onething what to upgrade first at th9

  6. Nice base gozo bro

  7. music?

  8. sieries idea: more coc startagy gameplay and/or road to champ/ titans with th 8 i thinl that would help

  9. u added extra giant bomb and plz try to keep dark elixir storage inside the base

  10. Series episode: Blind raiding or base building!


  12. the hidden builder came when u have place the first gold collector bisede the elixir collector the builder appeared left side of the screen.

  13. The builder hud is in right corner

  14. may i win

  15. Nice design

  16. Just subbed and I have you app man :)

  17. series idea: base building tips. each episode, go over some base designs and give tips on how to improve them and set them up better

  18. Song request: Excision Codename X

  19. Gozo plz Create a brand new account and start from th1 and try to get to th11 without gems!!???I think it would be enjoyable!!!

  20. I liked your vids

  21. #th8 war base
    nice base man……

  22. Make one of you clan mates choose a random army to raid with as a series

    Ps I need that money

  23. Upload more i like your vids dude

  24. Very good video! We subbed and like! Please sub and like back, let`s be good friends!

  25. destroying weak clans series

  26. Thanks Gozo, I've being waiting for a TH8 base for a while, glad to see it happen :)

  27. My dream is to talk to you or something on skype if you want to add me alan.gamer16 pls!

  28. I subed u and ima like all your vids ;)

  29. Dude you deserve a lot of more suscribers !

  30. Im a huge fan

  31. Maybe you should try a Series on coc about going from th1 to th10 or possibly even 11

  32. Nice,I'll be using this. Thanks!

  33. You f***ing Beast!

  34. Nice bro i liked it!

  35. You should make a war Veda

  36. love ya

  37. nice work dude

  38. Nice Base Gozo!

  39. Like dis comment if u want do win that money ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)