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  1. What software do you use to get Clash of Clans on your pc?

  2. A guy in my clan does this but he uses 4 golems a shit tone of wizards and wb with 1 rage 3 heal sometimes a jump or eq depending on the base. works well.

  3. Thanks for giving us over at Genesis a shout out Powerbang, appreciate it man!

  4. awesome attack loved it!!

  5. fun attack. i mostly use surgical goho. must try this one. :)

  6. ? I did this to push to Titan ? worked out for me ?

  7. Hey! I just sent you an email to the one you put on your about page. Please check it when you get a chance! :)

  8. go wiz on her face :)

  9. Can everyone go watch war whales latest recap please ? still claiming FairPlay but every raid in the recap is modded. Like even just go watch the first raid in the recap, they are taking the piss out of the FairPlay community

  10. would love to see you doing this again with any troops in the Enemy Castle XD

  11. Interesting attack PB. Do you recommend this attack with 21/21 hero's? Thanks for the video. Just pressed the like button.

  12. Hi PB!Thanks for the video again. Have your clan tried mass valks? Ive just found this strat and I must say,its the easiest way how to 3* another th9 base…really easiest 3* on most of the bases…have a look,maybe you could make some videos about it too…

  13. that's copied from gadi hh, credit to the creator of this strategy.

  14. Only thing that could possible fuck this up is timing? Seems like a really slow raid

  15. actually this is old strategy. but respect :)

  16. Used to do this in th8 i used to use 4 golems and 4 eq spells last time but never have i ever seen a surgical version of it. You are blessed with members of the clan like that. You guys are just amazing

  17. man i gotta try this but mod server is on maintence ???

  18. best CoC youtuber ever!

  19. The only attacks that ever three starred my anti-3 bases are gowipes. ONLY when the pekkas go around with wizards backing them up. And no, it's never planned; the guy just doesn't funnel. No wizards ever go down after the pekka go around, and it's just lucky. Only when I started putting tesla farms in the middle did it become somewhat of a problem for them, but this kind of attack would roll over even that. Nice vid PB

  20. lol pb snapped on iron shark

  21. very nice attack. never seen an attack like that.

  22. Powerbang really dont like dead zones haha

  23. Reminds me of surgical gowipe

  24. That was pretty cool

  25. would anyone will do that attack without using mod ???
    i think not..
    one practice the movement of troops and u cant do without

  26. I have done this strategy very long time ago its work perfect but used 3 jump with 1 rage 2poison

  27. Very fun, thanks Pb.

  28. lol…everything is used surgically…

  29. man that was awesome ……..really

  30. Thanks for this Awsome strategy PB, I will tri this in clanwar keep up the good work! (Sorry for my bad english)

  31. awesome strategy..plz share some more replays..keep up the great work.

  32. Lol, every war that PB shows whf loses. How many redlines U have in whf powerbang?

  33. WHAT? WOW!

  34. Wow great method