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TH9 3-Star War Attack Strategy – How To Use Golems + Hog Riders at Town Hall 9 – Part 2

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  1. Nice vid as always dan :)

  2. U shpuld join my clan lone wolves lvl 6

  3. Really helpfull vids as always

  4. So is vaho dead?

  5. It's call Asian food to make ur goho attack better??????

  6. TH8. ??

  7. I see people using witches with goho, is this a good idea or is it better to take one more golem?

  8. Hi can i join your clan im high lvl th8 but the clan description says that its closed.. is there any way to join the clan? btw nice vid (ddd2)

  9. Nice video mate!

  10. dan awesome work again looool

  11. Nice video bobbin. thanks(Tangent)

  12. Lol that sloppy Chicken attack was done by me ( Wong Ee Shen ) THANKS FOR FEATURING DAN!

  13. i loved goho

  14. 6th like

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  17. liek

  18. first like