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TH9.5 New War Base With Bomb Tower | Anti 3 Star War Base | Clash Of Clan

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  1. hey dude, i'm TH9.5 and i only have builde my new traps and walls with one bomb tower. What war base can you recomend me?

  2. bro from which clan u lost the recent war? pls make a video about this.

  3. ??????

  4. aur th10 me

  5. 9.5 ka kya diff hai??

  6. vira bhai rishab bhai ne 9.5 ma khaber nathi pad ti????

  7. th9 me 5 gaint bomb nahi hote aur nahi 2 bomb tower

  8. bhai base wrong hai

  9. vah bro… superb… Indias superb clan bhai

  10. can I join