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[TH9 #74] 3 STAR popular TOWN HALL 9 WAR BASE | Zap/quake + Queen walk + Golavaloon

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  1. hey jack..
    it is nice one jack but I am sorry to say that ..
    this attack is xmod attack…

  2. Pls can you do a Th 8 war base

  3. jack, can you show us the bases traps and whete the teslas are thanks and keep up the good work

  4. Well…..i have to get another base ._.

  5. ?

  6. Subscribe me AND i subscribe you 4 times??

  7. nice attack

  8. its is work if my queen just lvl 13 ?

  9. Weird question but do u guys accept maxed th 5? ?

  10. Bro y did u have take it so hard. It just a game. I just want to meet u .Your the Youtuber that got me back to clash of clans. That cool bro if u want be a dick and don't let your fan in your clan. I'm not going see your video not more.I don't like Youtuber that dick to there fans. Your just fake ass fuck. Get a fuck life instead of the clash of clan. Y do u take clash of clan so hard.It just game. See u later.I was one your biggest fan and now i'm not. I got u one more question. Y do u accept people that get 3 star at clan war. I quited clash of clan about over the summer and 3 month when school started. That y me attack in clan war r not good. See u later bro.I thought u were not fake but u r

  11. cara seus vidios sao muito tops

  12. Love it! :)

  13. Assaulted true

  14. Bro just lonely want to meet u.

  15. darn u got me

  16. hey first comment can u say hi to me