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[TH9 #83] Hello! Drawing 3 star plan on a maxed Town Hall 9

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  1. You're voice is good!

  2. More voice! The more you practice the more it gets better!

  3. Top Video

  4. ad chém tiếng anh giỏi thế :v …cơ mà e thích tiếng bản ngữ hơn :v

  5. Jack are you Russian?

  6. Show o ataque. Parabéns . Aprendi e aprendo demais com o canal. Se possível manda um "ALÔ" para o Clã Prainha

  7. mình người vn sao nghe được

  8. Don't Stop ✋ Nice voice but u have problems in speaking ?

  9. You're french ? Ou Deutsh ?

  10. lol you voice is more funny then distracting, I like it. But you need to practice speaking to you publicum. Btw, where are you from? Definitly continue with the voice.

  11. Hello th9 Titan base(trophy base) please ı love you :))


  13. Сууупер

  14. I jack sparrow your bases are wack , that's why I 3 star'd your sister in bed 

  15. It's American?

  16. Finaly you talked i love you and your voice and recommend you to continue showing your voice in the videos

  17. Another great video as always jack!

  18. This video is amazing continue like this bro :]

  19. where are you from jack bruh ?

  20. JACK`S VOICE)))

  21. why r u afraid when u speak u have a good voice don't be shy man :)

  22. Nice jack :)

  23. English is not your native language right???. So I prefer music.

  24. Hi Jack! Can you please replay??

  25. WOW

  26. Very Good Jack !

  27. jack sparrow continúe like this, firstly is difficoult but then it starts to be easier, de know you can!

  28. Y like is video , My lengue is Spanish

  29. first?

  30. Класс?

  31. Nice

  32. i have a th9 war base which defends against golaloon and queen walk it was three atemts with golaloon and goho and gowipe my war base is still 1 stared! will you review it on youtube?

  33. I think i sounds good if you talk ✌️

  34. remember me?

  35. wow nice voice jack!

  36. second

  37. Comment how do you feel, do you prefer music or voice? The voice is still not clear. It was harder than i thought to make this video

  38. hi im the firat

  39. Nice