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TH9 Anti-LaLoon War Base (THE NO-FLY ZONE)

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  1. This is a nice base.. I'm thinking a queencharge up top and a gobo at the bottom. All the seeking air mines should have been at the top.. Also dissapointed that no attacks were shown.

  2. Healer-based attacks from the top left would be lethal here. You could see 75% of your troops still alive by the time you need to contend with the bottom right.

  3. Can't you just take bowlers in CC at the side with the air defences and take them all out, then proceed with dragons on the other side?

  4. Not a good base, you are thinking only laloon can't beat this base but I can destroy this base with golaloon. First destroy those with defenses with Bowler + golem + king + queen + and drop your Lava and loons. Very easily ⭐️⭐️⭐️.

  5. 16 minute video and no defensive replays..?

  6. Queen Charge Mass Baby Drag

  7. Sjust gonna roll from 10-11 and jump into core…..

  8. You could take the bottom with a golem and bowler killsquad, and proceed to mass valk the top. 2 golem, cc bowlers and heroes take out the lower part, the 15 valks under rage make quick work of the top. The only issue is creating a wide funnel for valks.

  9. Have you tried a queen charge? Break in at the bottom cannon and quad quake (or jump) into xbow compartment (being careful not to open other compartments) take out cc and queen, then back side loons with either a rage or 2 hastes. Queen should not need more than two rages to get her objectives accomplished

  10. OneHive Gazzete

  11. man, I'm a big fan of your clans. Been watching all your videos. I feel good after trying out some stuff you say in the videos. i really liked the Tesla farm video and healers on queen walk. this one, I loved it!

  12. Awesome layout! Could you show us some (maybe friendly) attacks against it in the future?

  13. ty so much for this keep up the good work?? just got a new Sub ??

  14. What if you bring two golems from 5, jump in to the bomb tower from the air D at 6. Funnel at 9 and 3. Trigger CC with hog. Rage CC bowler and queen to kill cc and four air D. Two lava and 8-10 balloons with haste should be able to take care of the left portion. Just an idea. Good design though.

  15. Wouldn't GoBoLoon destroy this? I could imagine a small kill squad on the bottom right with both heroes and Bowlers taking out all ADs, and then you could spam Bloons on the top the left.

  16. I personally do not like this base. easy cc lure and then a golem heros, cc bowlers Kill Squad on all those air defenses will get all 4 air Ds, you can definitely ignore the queen if there are just no air defenses. and with a poison spell and maybe loons dropping some bombs on the queen, I don't see a queen stopping this attack.

  17. Do you think the more popular LaLo gets, the less popular troll teslas will get? I nearly always have a loon now to take out a troll tesla because I'm always using lalo, you're just giving me a tesla

  18. Let's see this thing on defense!

  19. first of all love ur videos,but i kinda recked this base starting with a shatterd golem entery with the heroes and cc bolwers from 4'o'clock and then a drgn attk frm the upper part.

  20. Put air skellies!

  21. what about pekka smash will that work?

  22. I have nvr been Attack by laloon

  23. Wow…although that is ideal base for queen charge baby drags. Quite popular comp these days. But stil a lot of air dps on the top of the base. Would be interesting to see how it works.

  24. this is an invitation for QC baby drags right?

  25. queen walk. will kill this base.

  26. I guess you could take that base out with a queencharge and using dragons and a few loons on the air targetting part
    but the base is very solid

  27. Thanks man! I built a base based on your video

  28. I think it might be possible to get all 4 ads with just a golem and your heroes if you open the bomb tower compartment. Then the attacker could bring about 8 dragons for the upper part + a few funnel troops and/or loons.

  29. If you're good at air, suicide queen to take out an AD and a skelly spell or two for queen will triple it fresh

  30. Golalo

  31. just saying this base is weak against aqw+baby dragon

  32. Please build a th10 warbase – your friend Aiirstrike

  33. Anti- laloon. But not anti- gobolaloon i think.

  34. where would you recommend to put the freeze trap? :)

  35. What if I don't have xbows? Will this still work? I'm a th8.5

  36. i am not sure but i think hphb or hghb should work i would put all at 9 oclock into the base than use thea hogs surgically and weit until my ks in down

  37. The grundinator attack might probably get this base..

  38. Oh got it, thanks!

  39. But will it be good if i adjust to tesla farm near the bk, but the defenses beside him. So there will be 2 on each side. Or some advice on better placement for tesla farm? I like them?

  40. Thnx, you listened to my suggestions i mentioned in your survey. Great to see that! Keep it up

  41. Nicee, like it. Thanks?

  42. This video came out right when Im looking for a new base. this is def the first one I will try out, even though the clans we match against are no where near using the current meta, almost always govaho or mass valks.

    From an attacking view u mentioned almost every approach, I was thinking Double ZQ the top 2 ADs and not much more than. the heroes if 30/30 to take out the other 2 ADs then Drags up north? maybe 8-9? Doubt drags would make it past the halfway line tho.

    def new th9 meta will be separating Air and Ground great video bro

  43. It would be great if you could take some stats in your clan of how often troll teslas work… good to know what we're putting in our base ;)

  44. sounds like you are sick?