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TH9 Attacks Using Low Level Heroes – GoVaHo / GoHo / GoWiWi 3 Star Attacks

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  1. exams over in a week then I will be back in ddd2

  2. we can attack th9 base with 2 golems 2 pekka 15 hog and wiz. with 4 healing spell. it will never let u down.

  3. why do it videos skip around? are u editing it intentionally or is ur recorder not good?

  4. Nice Video Dan!
    I love your Videos!
    Good Night from Turkey!

  5. Hey bro nice vid, I would really love to join your clan, I'm lvl 90, th9 with lvl 8 bk, working on army her queen atm she is lvl 3, upgrading loons in my laboratory, lvl 4 hogs with and anti 3 star war base, been watching your videos recently and really like the look of your clan?

  6. Dude make a video on how to motivate your team mates to learn new attacks and fully upgrade town hall before moving to next level..

  7. I really like your videos, especially when they are this long. Learn a lot from these attacks.