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Th9 Best War Base [ ANTI 2 STARS ] ANTI Gowipe , Hog ANTI Lava + Balloon 2016 – Clash of Clans

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  1. lol those attacks are terrible easy 3 star if you know what youre doing.

  2. 2 big bombs on the outside? u can hog this base blind lol

  3. i can get this one 3star , without king and queen , if lava 5lava + 18 balloon , 3golem+ 18 hogs + 9 winzard , any th9 event max king and queen , fuck chicken attack

  4. What is the name of the second song … Please lemme know

  5. Actually i'm very, very happy when i see his kind of contens on yt: the more shit bases like this become popular, the more 3 stars i get. Thank you!

  6. this song is badass. i checked description but couldnt find it. what is it? please and thank you. great video!

  7. To have sure two stars in war, you guys can use 3 earthquake and 1 donated earthquake to open up the TH. I still have level 2 golem and i always get 2 stars and 3 stars every war. You also need to plan your attack to make it sure, i dont need to kill the guard troops, i just deploy my gowipe in right places.

  8. you barely gave time for people to see the whole base when it was built.

  9. THIS BASE IS CRAP.  I got 3 starred WITH EASE on the 1st attempt by an attacker of my equal (i.e. not a th10).  He used a lava-loon strategy.

  10. i think it can be easily 2 stars using 4 eq spell and gowiwi

  11. I got this base design from another video a week ago, everything being the same except it was facing north/south. You took their base design and published it as your own… Be original

  12. I'll try this base out in the war we will have in a couple of hours

  13. Um anyone in the comment section want make a clan then I'll join I'm a th 6 all my troops are max I'm upgrading my healing spell currently then all my troops will be max

  14. Happy new year =)

  15. Tôi thích cơ sở của bạn !

  16. I see that this war facility attached very well and the replays on. I will apply it to battle the next clan war. Expect that it will reach the best results.

  17. Cách xây dựng của bạn rất tốt tuy nhiên phần bố trí thì tôi thấy chưa hợp lý , Nhưng dù sao vẫn là cơ sở tốt nhất .

  18. cơ sở chiến tranh này không biết th10 đánh được 3 sao không bạn ?

  19. I like your war base!

  20. Nhìn cơ sở chiến tranh này rất đơn giản nhưng rất nhiều kẻ thù không thể lấy 2 sao . rất tốt và tôi sẽ áp dụng cơ sở này !

  21. Your wonderful facility and I will apply it to match the upcoming clan war.